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Clan Wars Campaign Stage II Results

General News
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The second stage of the ongoing Clan Wars Campaign was not the easiest. The clans had to be especially cautious and plan ahead – features such as ransacking, riots and dynamic income changes have increased not only the risks of losing provinces, but they have also made the impact of being kicked out of a province much more severe.

To face this new battlefield reality, most clans have decided to change their tactics and assume a more defensive approach. The situation on the Global Map could have often be described as trench warfare – many clans decided to remain passive and concentrated mainly on defending their borders, landing zones and quelling occasional riots.

In view of the circumstances, many clans decided to resort to diplomacy and formed alliances, which gave them a significant boost in influence and military power. Pacts and careful planning not only allowed the dominant clans to retain their leading positions, but have also lead to some new clans gaining prominence and recognition on the Global Map.


Meet the victors of the second stage of the ongoing Clan Wars Campaign:

Clan Logo Clan Tag Clan Name Score (VP)

[EXNOM] Expect No Mercy

 [EFE-X]  Everything For Efficiency  348138

 [1STLT] 1st Lithuanian Tank Company


 [MUROP]  MuroPanssarit  259762


Additionally, the following clans will be awarded special medals to commemorate their achievements during Stage II:

Clan Logo Clan Tag Clan Name Medal
   [EXNOM]  Expect No Mercy


   [1SBP]  Pierwszy Sarmacki Batalion Pancerny




All medals will be awarded between the 4th and 5th of July.

Please congratulate the winners and stay tuned for more news from the Clan Wars front!


All is well on the global front! Keep it up, Commanders!