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Clan Wars Campaign Stage I Results

Greetings Clan Warriors!

The first stage of the new Clan Wars Campaign lasted from the 10th until the 21st June and it introduced a lot of changes and novelties to the gameplay: The Global Map was wiped clean, pushing clans, small and prominent alike into fierce fighting for territories. The competition was extremely vivid as the rewards were great, and the vehicle tier restriction system allowed great numbers of clans to participate. Every clan had the chance to step up and many did – guns were blazing, shells hissed in the air, engines roared and skies turned black from the smoke of burning wrecks. Clan territories expanded, provinces changed hands and spheres of influence shifted in every part of the Global Map.

Each day brought changes that could turn the tables for everyone; no clan could feel secure and the outcomes of many operations were difficult to predict. Many have fallen or risen in countless battles raging throughout the regions of Northern Europe, West Africa and the Mediterranean. The first stage was truly a great test for any clan in terms of their tactics, organization, teamplay and mastery of their vehicles. There was little room for error and even the slightest mistake could be used by a rival clan to push the owner out of their province.

After the dust finally settled, the victors emerged. Superior tactics, impeccable organisation and an in-depth knowledge of World of Tanks allowed these five valiant clans to overcome their competitors and ascend to the very top and leading positions on the Global Map.

Meet the victors of the first stage of the ongoing Clan Wars Campaign:

Clan Logo Clan Tag Clan Name Score (VP)
 [EFE]  Eye For An Eye  175500
 [KAZNA]  Kazna Kru  170500
 [PTS]  Pirates  150500
 [TESLA]  6. lička  140500
 [A-P]  ABSOLUT PANSAR  130500


Additionally, the following clans will be awarded special medals to commemorate their achievements during Stage I:

Clan Logo Clan Tag Clan Name Medal

 Don Cossack

   [EES]  Eesti Eest Surmani

 North Palmira

   [O-S-C]  Old school crew


   [1SBP]  Pierwszy Sarmacki Batalion Pancerny

 Land of Honest People

   [EFE]  Eye For An Eye

 By Iron and Blood

Please congratulate the winners and stay tuned for more news from the Clan Wars front!


This battle is over but the war is still on! To arms, Commanders!