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Clan Wars Campaign Announcement

General News
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Step up Clans and Commanders!

The first ever time limited campaign of Clan Wars will be starting soon on the Global Map. This is a big scale event with grand prizes. This is for those who take part and maintain dominance throughout the duration of the campaign.

When does it start?

The First Campaign will begin on the 10th  of June.

How will it work?

This event will consist of several stages during which participants will need to achieve different goals. This will grant them Victory Points (VP) for their Clan. Those Clans which gain the most points during each stage and at the end of the campaign, will be rewarded with great prizes.

What is the purpose of the campaigns? 

We are glad to inform you that a new page is about to be opened in Clan Wars history. Now the Global Map conquests will consist of separate global Campaigns. These campaigns will have a logical ending and will also provide a lot of possibilities in terms of Clan Wars. During the campaigns vehicles of all Tiers will be used. This was implemented to ensure that any clan will have an opportunity to take part in this big event. Campaigns will consist of different stages, each of which will have their own name, specific rules and winner.

Clans will have the chance to prove their worth fighting on the Global Map. They will receive special Victory Points for completing campaign goals. Clans that have the highest amount of VP's by the end of campaign will receive special achievements. Moreover, all clans that perform well on the Global Map will receive a special Tier X Medium Tank. After the campaign ends, all remaining VP's will be converted into gold and transferred to the treasuries of participating clans.

Now we are pleased to present you with the first campaign!

What can be won?

Prizes include:

  • A special M-60 Tier X medium tank which cannot be obtained by any other means.
  • Unique medals.
  • In-game Gold.
What are the schedule and rules for the First Campaign?

This is an overview of how the campaign will start and progress. More detailed information on each stage will be presented in the future.

  1. The Campaign will begin on June the 10th.
  2. Stages will involve clans having to complete different goals in order to receive Victory Points (VP). 
  3. The rules, goals and victory conditions for each stage will be announced gradually with each stage. A specific news article will provide everything you need to know for each stage. Watch the news for the complete information on the first stage – Landlords – including the details of objectives, Victory Points and more on May the 22nd.
How will the prizes be awarded?
  • At the end of the Campaign, all Victory Points will be converted into in-game Gold, which then be credited to the Clan’s treasury.
  • Every player who takes part in at least one battle during the Campaign (including the preliminary stage) will receive a special First Campaign participant medal.

  • If your Clan wins one of the individual stages, every player who takes part in at least 5 battles for that Clan will receive a special medal.
  • If your Clan is one of the Top 3 for the entire Campaign, every player who took part in at least 10 battles for that clan will receive one of special medals:
Legendary  Indestructible Veteran


  • The 5 Clans with the most Victory Points by the end of each stage will be eligible for the M-60 Tier X medium tank. Every player who takes part in at least 5 battles for one of these clans will receive the tank at the end of the Campaign.
  • The 30 Clans with the most Victory Points at the end of the Campaign will be eligible for the M-60 Tier X medium tank. Every player who took part in at least 10 battles for one of these clans will receive the tank at the end of the Campaign.
  • The following Clan Wars participant medal will be given to all players who took part in at least one battle from 21st of May to the 9th of June:


Please note: Players can only ever receive the M-60 once, even if their Clan achieves multiple victories. If you deliberately or accidentally sell the M-60, no compensation will be provided if you later change your mind.


After campaign

The Global Map will be locked for a certain period of time. Afterwards the map will be wiped again and a “Redivision of the World” will take place.  After the “Redivsion” the game format and rules will be changed to the state from before the Campaign.


Are you ready to battle? It’s time to take your Clan into the annals of history by taking part in the first ever Clan Wars Campaign! Good luck!