Check our Recap from the EU vs CIS Clan Scuffle


Last weekend, the best tankers from Europe and the CIS were clashing in the latest installment of our Clan Scuffle. After their victory in Moscow last December, the FAME clan had to defend their crown of best World of Tanks clan against determined CIS commanders.

And determined, they were for sure. TONADO came with a vengeance and won the first 4 games against our champions, thanks to an aggressive strategy. But pride almost preceded a fall. Too confident in their skills, the commanders from the CIS actually let FAME come back to 3 wins against 4. That's when the adrenaline kicked back form TORNADO, who won 5 to 3, in the end.

An unusual and yet epic turn, but let's not forgot the performance of TRVST, our second European clan. They were facing a CIS team for the first time, and although they lost, they showed some serious skills, and we're pretty sure they will come back stronger than ever.

Check this out and more great twists with the video above, and make sure to check the portal for more information on the next tournaments.


Roll out!