Clan Rivals: Industrial Frontier - Meet the Winners

R4YD are the new sheriffs in town!


After a weekend of heavy clashes and remarkable comebacks, R4YD is the last team standing in the West. They brutishly seized the sheriff's badge right off the chest of the previously undisputed law enforcement officers in Europe, team FAME, inflicting them a savage 4-0 in the final match.  

Despite being unexpectedly one-sided, the clash was not one to miss. With impressive innovative tactics on Himmelsdorf, R4YD put themselves in a comfortable position from the get-go on a map that was formerly FAME's hometown (2-0). Then, they proceeded to convincingly break FAME's defense on Sand River, a feat few teams could possibly boast doing (3-0). The last round was very close, with FAME seemingly getting the upper hand, but when the clock struck noon, R4YD rode off into the sunset on the back of a swaying 4-0 victory. 

R4YD would like to thank the community for their continued support, as well as their leaders Kaliummangel, 0LDKings, sm1ley, and Koma.

The Clan Rivals: Industrial Frontier thus concludes on the rise of a new sheriff. We are looking forward to the next edition to see whether the formerly unbeatable giants – now turned regular cowboys – of team FAME can enact swift revenge, or if the table is flipped for good.

But for now, it is clan R4YD that owns the saloon, while the former champions walk head-low into the desert. 

Thank you all for watching, and heartfelt congratulations to all the teams for their sportsmanlike attitude during the event.



Roll Out!