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Free Clan Logo Update Promotion


As you will remember, last November  we launched the Common Clans, introducing a shared, unified clan experience across all Wargaming titles. Alongside the new feature, we launched a dedicated clans website, allowing you to find information easier and manage your clan’s needs. Additionally, Common Clans introduced the ability to place and display your group’s logo not only on your tanks (where they’ve been around for a while) but also on all your aircraft in World of Warplanes.

Today we’re happy to tell you that, after initial launch-related troubles, we have found a way to fix all displaying errors that prevented your unified emblem from showing up properly on all your aircraft. A new, smaller logo is going to correct all issues where the initially 256x256 pixels picture appeared cut off or misplaced on the fuselage of your planes. From now on, the new maximum size of the clan picture for World of Warplanes is going to be 176x176 pixels.

Unfortunately, we cannot rescale your already uploaded logos automatically. However, since we do want you to enjoy your team’s emblem in all its glory on both your tanks and your aircraft, we came up with a different solution that will hopefully resolve this problem for our community.

As a courtesy to you for the troubled launch, from Tuesday 27 January until Monday 9 February 2015 all clan logo updates will be completely free!

If you like, you can use this promotion to make changes to your clan logo without having to pay the usual 500 service charge for it. Use the opportunity to enhance your emblem’s look with a new design, re-upload it for free, and fix all potential placement bugs in World of Warplanes at the same time! Check out our dedicated guide to learn how to make changes to your clan tag or colour.

If you’d like to have more information on what advantages the Common Clans hold or how to set up your own clan, head over to our Common Clans portal, where all your questions shall be answered.


We apologise for the troubles and hope you’ll be able to use the offer to rectify your logo as quickly as possible.

Roll Out!