CIS-to-EU-Server Player Transfers Have Begun


As previously announced, every currently registered player in the CIS region will have to decide between transferring to the EU region operated by Wargaming or to the Lesta Games servers. Player transfers have begun from today, September 20, and players in the CIS region have until October 12 to decide to be able to continue playing.

Same Benefits, Continued Support
Little will change for existing players on the EU server, but transferred players will immediately be able to experience the same specials, benefits, and services that existing EU players already have access to. The EU World of Tanks portal, Player Support portal, and dedicated community channels are now available in two additional languages—Ukrainian and Russian—as they represent the most commonly spoken languages in the CIS region.

The transfers will retain the following:

  • Account progress (with minor exceptions)
  • Pricing principles in the Premium Shop
  • Connection ping rates—the RU3 and RU10 servers were moved to the European cluster and renamed EU3 and EU4
  • Language support—news on the official portal is already published in Ukrainian and Russian, and the game client is fully localized

Server Populations & Platoon Options
For now, transferred players will join the dedicated EU3 and EU4 servers. They can invite players from the EU1 and EU2 servers into platoons but cannot directly log in to World of Tanks and select EU1 or EU2.

The opposite is also possible, so current EU players will be able to play with players from EU3 and EU4 through a Platoon invite. If the Platoon disbands, the player can continue playing on the server until they log out or switch back to their original server.

Payment Methods
Payment methods in the EU region (Wargaming) are available to players from all countries except for the Russian Federation and Belarus. Russian and Belarusian payment methods will only be supported in the RU region (Lesta Games).

Premium Shop Reset
Players from the Russian Federation and Belarus already playing on EU servers will have their Premium Shop place of residence automatically reset from the start of the transfer process on September 20.

Those players may need to update their place of residence according to the country in which they currently reside. The availability and number of payment methods can vary, depending on the place of residence.

We recommend reaching out to Player Support with any further issues.

Happy playing, Commanders! Roll Out!

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