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Christmas Week Special

Surely, all of us love Christmas: cosy and homey, quiet and relaxed, full of wonders and expectations. And undoubtedly, it is the time for presents. However, this year Santa has been spotted commanding a clan of elves, and owning enemies with his long range artillery. It is rumoured that he is not planning on utilizing the deer any longer, and rather prefers Maus as the default present delivery vehicle.

The white bearded tank commander has promised to drop a little something under your Christmas trees for the holiday to be merrier and happier and on this stage we announce the Christmas Special that will take place on the battlefield during this great holiday.

Starting from 5:30 UTC, December 21st, until 5:00 UTC, December 27th, check out the special offers and use them at full to celebrate!

The anticipated x5 experience for the first victory of the day from 21 December till 27 December!
Premium vehicles 50% discount:

Matilda, Churchill, T-25, T-14,  Ram-II, Valentine, PzKpfw 38H735 (f) , PzKpfw S35 739 (f),  T-15 , PzKpfw B2 740 (f), T2 Light Tank, M22 Locust.

50% discount:

BT-2, T-26, T-28, BT-7, T-46, A-20, T-50, T-50-2, T-34, AT-1, SU-76, SU-85B, SU-85, KV, SU-18, SU-26, SU-5, SU-8.

PzKpfw 35 (t), PzKpfw II, PzKpfw 38 (t), PzKpfw III Ausf. A, PzKpfw II Luchs, VK 1602 Leopard, PzKpfw 38 nA, VK 2801, PzKpfw III, PzKpfw IV, PzKpfw III/IV, Panzerjäger I, Marder II, Hetzer, StuG III, Sturmpanzer I Bison, Sturmpanzer II, Wespe, Grille, Hummel.

M2 Light Tank, M3 Stuart, M5 Stuart, M24 Chaffee, T2 Medium Tank, M2 Medium Tank, M3 Lee, M4 Sherman, M7, T1 heavy, T18, T82, T40, M10 Wolverine, T57, M37, M7 Priest, M41.

Massive discounts:
  • 50% off Barracks enlargement
  • 50% off Tank Academy crew training
  • 50% off for each 100% trained tank-man at purchasing tank with a crew
  • 50% off retraining crew

Brace yourselves, commanders, for the Christmas Week Special. Expect the miracles to happen!