What Chinese Vehicles To Go For?


With the Lunar New Year closing on us, we wanted to put some mid to high tier Chinese vehicles in the spotlight. The tanks below are ready to put their great qualities at your disposal and, obviously, they're perfect to make the most of your Lunar New Year Missions, including x3 XP for your victories!

So if you want to reach the top of the Chinese Tech Tree, now is the perfect time! Take a look at what these machines have to offer!

  • Light Tanks
  • Medium Tanks
  • Heavy Tanks
  • Tank Destroyers


This lightweight version of the Type 59 was made to fight in the mountainous environment of Southern China. Indeed, this tank is fast and manoeuvrable, as well as accurate! Plus, this Tier VII is one of the best stock vehicles you'll find out there, which makes it very enjoyable to research.  


A prototype, this vehicle was never built, but made its way in World of Tanks as one of the great light-medium tanks. With its strong turret and powerful 105 mm gun, this Tier X will hold its ground, and use its agility to flank at the right moment!


While this Tier VII tank is based on the famous and reliable T-34-85, it's gameplay isn't anywhere close to the one of the Soviet original. Boasting a fairly dangerous 100 mm gun, it can even stand up to some heavy tanks. Its resilient turret, paired with a low profile, allows for side-hugging tactics. Another nice trait is the surprisingly good camouflage value.


Based on the Soviet T-54, this Tier IX tank is mobile and surprisingly strong. The front of its turret its quite thick and its frontal armour is actually bouncy. Add the best alpha damage of all Tier IX medium tanks (with the top gun) to the mix, and you'll have a great vehicle to try out. You will need to adapt to the low gun depression to make the most of it though.

WZ-111 model 1-4

This Tier IX heavy is one of the best brawlers China has to offer. Fast and mobile for a vehicle of its size, this bad boy will take some hits like it's nothing thanks to its bouncy turret armour and a well-sloped hull. Obviously, it also packs a strong punch. Ideal to take on either heavy or medium tanks.

WZ-111 model 5a

Just like its predecessor, this Tier X is an aggressive vehicle, and while the armour layout is pretty much the same, it saw massive improvements to its gun. Now it can be played as a proper heavy-medium tank, using its insane damage per minute to its advantage. One of the best vehicles to go for in World of Tanks!



This Tier IV tank destroyer should not be underestimated. Its camouflage value will make it difficult for the enemy to spot you, while you can make great use of its gun arc and elevation, as well as its DPM. Thanks to its high mobility, you can easily keep up with your teammates. Overall a strong vehicle, which can even pose a serious threat to Tier VI vehicles.

WZ-131G FT

Closer to a mobile supporter than a pure sniper, this tank destroyer has traded in its armour for a good all-around gun, and excellent mobility - once fully researched. A very dangerous Tier VI in the hands of skilled and cautious commanders.

WZ-111-1G FT

This bulky tank destroyer has enough armour and slopes to deflect incoming shots while its gun fires with an impressive alpha and penetration, starting from the second gun. With good positioning on the map, this Tier VIII will be hard to take out. Mind that it's best used in close or mid-range combats.

WZ-111G FT

Just like its predecessor, this Tier IX boasts a strong frontal armour, with a bigger HP pool. On top of its invulnerable gun mantlet lies a strong gun, known for its high damage per shot and great penetration. Because of those traits, it's a good vehicle to fight at the front with.


Obviously, there are even more Chinese tanks out there, and you might have some favourites already, so don't forget to mention them on our forum! And as always...


Roll out!