Charity-streams 2020: Thank you

Hello, Commanders!

This year again you have demonstrated how strong the community behind World of Tanks and Wargaming is. At the end of October, we reported about this year's charity event organized by Fallen13 and connected streams in November. Your willingness to donate and support this great cause was once again overwhelming. In total, they were able to collect more than 9200 Euros for the dog-assisted therapy at the palliative ward of the Horst-Schmitt-Klinik in Wiesbaden!

The donated money has already been forwarded to the German Society for Palliative Medicine on They will use the donations solely for the dog-supported therapy by "Emma – Heldin auf vier Pfoten".

Thanks to your support the therapy could be secured for another year and the money supports the training and care of the dogs!

You can learn more about dog-supported therapy and the work of the animals on the website (in German only).

Many thanks to all who donated, tuned in to the streams, and supported the charity in any way. Winnings from the raffles will be credited shortly, if not already done.

Of course, Fallen13, as well as the whole "Pfoten für die Seele" team would also like to say thanks:

"Thanks to your donations we have made it again and were able to secure the dog-supported therapy at the palliative cancer ward of the HSK Wiesbaden for another year. The symbolic handover of the donations will take place on December 15th at the Palliative Cancer Ward of the HSK Wiesbaden.

The amount donated this year is an incredible 9230€!

Thanks to all streamers, Moerp, Ohare, Seakrauts, BaxterChico, Suistar7, Trashee, PrivatPinguin, ColiaSolo and Angry Chilli, for their support and the great streams. Without you it would not have been possible to reach this amount.

Thanks also to WARGAMING.NET for the support in any form.

Special thanks go to the WG employees who have actively supported us: Jinx313, Zapfhan, Blindfold and Sehales.

Thanks to my friend Richard "The Challenger" Cuttland for the support via social media.

Also a big thank you to my team Zhenwu alias Henry, rxzp8 alias Jan, Teklador alias Michael, Atlan35 alias Sven.

A special thanks goes out to the community for your support, your support in any form and your donations, without you this success would not have been possible and we thank you all very much for the beautiful charity event.

I would like to thank all participants for their help in any form.

Your team of gaming against cancer - paws for the soul
Your Fallen13 alias Marco"

We also received a very nice video message from Ivana Seger, head of "Emma Hilft".

(Video is in German only)

We are also pleased to announce that the Mayor of Oelsberg, Tanja Steeg, has assumed patronage of the "Pfoten für die Seele (Paws for the Soul)" project.

Marco aka Fallen13 and Tanja Steeg with the Charity Cheque

The symbolic handover of the donated funds to the clinic is expected to take place on December 15 under the then valid corona regulations.

Although the campaign is over, you can still support the project. The German Society for Palliative Medicine is responsible for the main project "8 Pfoten für die Seele - Hilfe für die Palliativstation des HSK Wiesbaden". This was established in 2019 with the support of Gaming gegen Krebs - Pfoten für die Seele as a permanent project on and enables you to continue to support the good cause.

Thank you, Commanders! Roll Out!

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