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Carrousel de Saumur 2012: The Review!

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On Saturday, July 21th, the Community team attended the Carrousel de Saumur (France), a annual weekend-long spectacle of horses and military vehicles.  We invited our players to come and see the big show and to meet the World of Tanks Team. 

They came in great numbers, and with Blanchard, Feji and Aodheus from the Community team, the players could admire more than 30 military vehicles and 40 armoured vehicles in action. Here is a review of this exceptional day! 

World of Tanks had its own stand on the showground.  We arrived in the morning with bags full of t-shirts, calendars and free ‘Canard PC ‘ magazines.

Many people recognised our team, and we were quickly surrounded by enthusiastic players.  We handed out reserved tickets, goodies and magazines, which quickly disappeared.

At 15:00, the show began and the team moved onto the bleachers to watch the display. The first part of the show featured horse and motorbike demonstrations.   However, it was the second part of the display that excited us and the World of Tanks community the most – armoured vehicles!  We all listened with passion for 45 minutes as we were told all about the history of the armament race and the utilisation of artillery, going from the years of Joan of Arc right up to the deployment of French troops in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1995.

PzKpfw II T-34/85


The Community team spent an awesome day with tanks and players who were utterly passionate about the game.  They would like to thank everybody who was able to come and chat with them in Saumur.

This first French community meeting also allowed us to gather some very positive feedback about the game and the activities we are organising.  As such, we hope to do it again soon!

This event is part of our series of community meetings that we are planning all across Europe  throughout the summer.  If you didn’t have the opportunity to meet us here, keep an eye on the news on the portal to hear all about the next event with the Community team.

You can also see more pictures of this day on our forums and also on our Facebook page.

Thank you again, and see you soon!