Capture Vehicles with Eekeeboo this Friday


As mentioned in a previous article, you now have a chance to start or end your week the right way: with more World of Tanks, courtesy of Eekeeboo and his epic streams.

Moreover, our next stream surely deserves some attention. As part of our captured vehicles week, you will be able to witness Eekeeboo's skills aboard these tanks with a rich history. 

Speaking about history, we have some surprises for you: not only will it be joined by DelhRoh, a real tank connoisseur and Spanish Community Manager, but they will both also play in our historically inspired latest game mode: Homefront!

So make sure to tune in on Twitch or Youtube this Friday 26 July starting from 15:00 CEST (UTC+2). And be ready for epic tanking moves, as well as great giveaways. I repeat: we will have some in-game goodies for you to win!


Roll out!