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December Calendar

General News
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Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to the last month of 2012!  Of course, December brings the Christmas holidays!  Whilst it should be a time of peace and well-being at home, but that is definitely not what is waiting for you on the battlefields!  The Calendar for December is full of many exciting events. Deck out your tanks in your finest camo pattern and enjoy the fun of Christmas straight away. Our snowy battlefields are impatiently waiting for you!

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Tank of the Month

Special: Tobruk Relieved
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Tank of the Month
Tobruk Relieved

Medals for Models Contest

Hunt us Down Easy 8 Finals

Guess Where Mangled Metal Finals ESL - EMS 2012

Special: Britain to the Front!
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Tank of the Month

Guess Where
ESL- EMS 2012
21st Army Group to the South
Creative Winter Contest
Britain to the Front    

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Tank of the Month

Guess Where

Special: Happy Holidays
21st Army Group to the South Hunt us Down
 Tier VII Focus: Heavy Tanks
Creative Winter Contest 

End of the Year 2012
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Tank of the Month
Happy Holidays Holiday Trophy Hunt 

Tier VII Focus Heavy Tanks Guess Where

Special: Happy New Year
Contest: End of the Year 2012
31 123456
Tank of the Month
Special: Happy New Year


Tank of the Month

December will be greatly appreciated by fans of tank destroyers. This month is dedicated to the French TD: AMX  AC Mll. 1946. Learn a bit about this little evil machine and enjoy its increased income during this month.



The never-resting scene of eSports has some exciting finals for you, this month. Do not miss them!

Mangled Metal Finals – watch the best teams play out some dramatic battles in this no-holds-barred tournament.

ESL EMS 2012 – You can’t miss ESL Major Winter Series 2012

Easy 8 Finals – A clash of the best teams using the current league rules. Watch the finals and see the best of the best in action!



Tobruk Relieved – Lets commemorate the end of Siege of Tobruk with some in game bonuses!

Britain to the Front! – In Version 8.1 we introduced the British Tech Tree. It’s time to remind you that the British are here! Have a cup of tea, grab a British tank and rule the battlefields!

21st Army Group to the South – This Special is closely connected to the Battle of the Bulge. Can you guess which tanks will be featured?

Happy Holidays – We have been persuaded that your tanks and crew also need some special Christmas treats. Happy Holidays to everyone, Commanders!

Happy New Year – We are welcoming 2013 with a cheer! Our battlefields will be packed full of special offers. The New Year celebrations will usher in the rest of the year, so get off to a good start by playing World of Tanks!

Tier VII Focus: Heavy Tanks – Your heavies should start to heat up their engines because during this special they will be “taken for a walk” on our battlefields.

Holiday Trophy Hunt - Earn extra experience for all your battle hero achievements! 


Hunt us Down – Find us on battlefields and Hunt us Down!

Guess Where – Weekly contest that tests your eye for detail! You have to guess the name, position and map where the tank is hidden.

Medals for Models Contest – Prove that you have got what it takes and win models!

Creative Winter Contest – Bring together the Christmas atmosphere and World of Tanks! In this contest you will have to utilise your artistic skills! 

End of the Year – Look forward to a contest where you can to show your real dedication to the battlefields! Get the most experience and win some exciting prizes, including computer equipment! Our Santa will be bringing presents, even to our battlefields!