Bring Friends to World of Tanks' Take on Battle Royale


Have you always enjoyed World of Tanks but you're sad that most of your friends can't be bothered by 11 nations, dozens of Tech Trees and hundred of armoured vehicles? We know the feeling: jumping into World of Tanks after 10 years of evolutions can be a little scary. Fortunately enough, Steel Hunter makes everything more simple: everybody starts from the same point, so share this guide with your friends and invite them to join the fight from 26 August to 16 September.

What is Steel Hunter? 

To put it simply, Steel Hunter is our take on the now famous and quite trendy Battle Royale genre, but with tanks, which makes it automatically more badass. The idea remains the same though: move around the map, loot, and survive, using your driving, firing and blocking skills as well as powerful abilities.

How do you play it?

It's pretty straightforward. Forget about World of Tanks fleet, its vehicles and loads of modules for a minute. You only have three choices, but they're all really good. Just pick the character you like the most, or take a look at their characteristics to get inspired.

For example, if you're usually going for resilient or tanky characters, choose the German guy, Flammenschwert!


armour, damage per shot


radio detection and damage per minute

Red Dawn

speed, penetration

speed, penetration

armour, damage per shot

radio detection, damage per shot

Our advice

The rest is pretty intuitive and quite common for anyone who already played a shooter and/or a Battle Royale game. Just move around, deal damage or look to gain XP, which turns into powerful tank upgrades once you get enough points.

That said, there are three points you should keep in mind to thrive:

  • The view range of your vehicle works differently in World of Tanks. Just like in any third-person shooter, your vision is a cone. But this cone doesn't extend indefinitely. If an enemy lies beyond this cone, you won't see it, but it might see you, depending on his signal range! Remember: tanks are not eagles, they're not known for their sight, so keep an eye on the green cone on your mini-map
  • Just like the most powerful gun isn't necessarily the best option in any Battle Royale game, choosing more firepower over mobility or view range (good thing we explained that, right?) won't be the go-to upgrade for your tanks
  • A tank is a powerful machine for sure, but just like in real life, the armoured vehicles of Steel Hunter are more efficient when supported. So make sure to use all the abilities you'll receive to your advantage: they offer new types of ammo, can heal you and your teammates, boost your accuracy or your speed and even provide some extra skill shots featuring airstrikes or smoke barrages! 

How to invite your friends?

Once again, it's simple. Once you've joined the Garage, which is our main interface, choose Steel Hunter in the battle selector and you'll be ready for some "royale with shells" type of battles. You can either go hunting alone or in a pack, with up to three-players platoons. Just click on the "Create Platoon" button and find some friends there. 


Welcome to World of Tanks! Roll out!

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