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Close Teams up with The Tank Museum at Bovington

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As you roll out in your favourite piece of machinery this week, will you take the time to remember that it too once rolled out for real? has always maintained a close relationship with the past, taking an active stance towards historical preservation and showing the desire to bring history to life. This is a viewpoint that it shares with The Tank Museum in Bovington, England – the museum houses a globally renowned collection of over 300 vehicles, many of which are in full working order.

This shared interest in bringing the past to life is the driving force behind a new collaboration. This month, and its community will be raising funds to support The Tank Museum’s latest series of crucial restorations.


How can I get involved?

Over the weekend of 21-22 June, players will have the opportunity to purchase a series of special premium shop packages for games. Proceeds from these special packages will go towards restoration projects at Bovington so that more of its tanks can function as they once did and be used in the museum’s public displays.

So instead of merely donating to the museum yourself, is offering you a chance to resupply your virtual tanks while at the same time investing in the restoration of some real-world tanks in dire need. We will announce our donation at Tankfest this year (28-29 June).


What will the donations go towards? and The Tank Museum both believe history should be something that we strive to experience and not just passively contemplate. Funds raised through this event will go towards the restoration of tanks of major historical significance from many nations.

Your donation will not only help to maintain and restore the museum’s current fleet of operational vehicles but will also go towards buying or even making the highly specialised tools required to service them.


Some of the high priority tanks needing work are:

Comet – A British medium tank and a favourite amongst our players. It is in dire need of a mechanical overhaul, as you can see in this picture.


M4 Sherman – the Allied tank produced in the greatest numbers throughout WWII needs its tracks replaced, amongst other repairs, in order to get rolling again. Imagine being tracked for a few years!


Jagd Kanonon – A mighty German tank destroyer in need of a revamped interior, among many other repairs. Wouldn’t it be something to see this beast in motion?


Where can I see these tanks?

Bovington Tank Museum is located in the county of Dorset in Southern England. There is no better time to see armoured vehicles in the field than at Tankfest – a yearly live-action display of Bovington’s impressive collection., of course, will be putting in an appearance.

With your help, hopefully some of the above vehicles can make it to Tankfest 2015!


Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming Bovington packages and share in the preservation of history!


Roll out!