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Blog: World of Tanks @ Gamescom. Day 3

World of Tanks development team presents third part of the Gamescom 2011 Diary. Same as on previous days, third day of the exhibition is full of events and visitors, who are eager to try World of Tanks game for the first time or to get a pleasant souvenir from the devs. And the devs are glad to see more and more experienced WoT players among the expo guests!

Meanwhile, the Open Tourney hands its surprises: the winner of day 3 tournament is… guess who? The third prize-holder of the yesterday’s tourney! Jannik aka MigHunter who won a gaming set yesterday came back to win a laptop! We congratulate all the winners of WoT Open Tournament and expect to see them on the battlefields soon!

"We are halfway through and looking forward to the continuation of the expo. The atmosphere here is totally stunning, though a bit loud. Showmen at all the booths are striving to attract visitors using all means possible. T-shirts are far the most popular way to do that. Want to have a lot of people next to the stage? Just start throwing them into the crowd! This is exactly what they do at most of the booths. Although we are not an exception, T-shirts are still less popular than other giveaway goodies. Have you ever dreamt of a personal tank? You can have it at Gamescom! Expos are WoT devotees’ only chance to become an owner of a terrific gift from World of Tanks, which might seem a trifle to those who are not into the tanks. “Minipanzers” are way more called-for in comparison with more useful things, like pay-save cards and premium-accounts."

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