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Blog: Operation Market-Garden

World of Tanks introduces the new blog article, devoted to the historically significant battle of WWII. Operation Market-Garden caused severe suffering and many losses to many European countries. But regardless the losses and unsuccessful plans, the Allies succeeded in capturing the vital bridges.

"...Operation Market Garden was created to replace the previous plans. On September 10th, Dempsey told Montgomery that he had doubts about the plan and favored an advance north-eastwards between the Reichswald forest and the Ruhr to Wesel. Montgomery said that he had just received a signal from London that he should neutralize the V-2 launch sites around the Hague (which were bombarding London) and that the plan must therefore proceed. Montgomery flew to Brussels to meet Eisenhower and requested Eisenhower's Chief Administrative Officer to leave the meeting but insisted on his own remaining. He tore a file of Eisenhower's messages to shreds in front of him and argued for a concentrated northern thrust, simultaneously demanding priority of supply."

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