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Big in Japan: Type 5 Heavy


Version 9.10 is now live and with it, nine newcomers have joined the ranks of Japanese armoured vehicles! General description of these monsters can be found in our dedicated article. However, in a nutshell, it is sufficient to say that they are huge, well-armoured and have really mean guns.

The apex of this new branch is the Type 5 Heavy, the Japanese Tier X heavy tank. The tank was designed for breakthrough attacks on enemy fortifications, as well as for coastal defense. As a result, the vehicle is the heaviest and most armoured in the game. Please give it up for Type 5 Heavy!


Distinctive Features

  • Armour: The Type 5 Heavy is the most heavily armoured Tier X vehicle. This tank is first among equals: its frontal armour is 260 mm thick! Such armour can be compared to that of certain battleships. If you make full use of the armour, this tank will become an unassailable fortress in the way of your enemies.
  • Firepower: This vehicle features a well-balanced gun, fusing a high rate of damage per shot with good damage per minute. Moreover, its high armour penetration allows the tank to penetrate most enemies, even from the front.
  • Size: After the release of version 9.10, the "Type 5 Heavy" can be added to the dictionary as the opposite of the word "small". This tank is absolutely huge and it will be impossible to hide it in any bushes. However, the enormous hull has its advantages - this Japanese giant can easily hit the turret top of enemy vehicles in close combat.
  • View Range: The tank has a view range of 400 meters, which allows it to be the first one to detect imminent danger and take counter measures.
  • Mobility: The vehicle can quickly accelerate to a maximum speed of 25 km/h. This Japanese giant is rather spry for its superheavy weight and gargantuan size.

Tactical Hints

"Festina lente" is a perfect phrase to describing how you should use the Type 5 Heavy. Do not be in a hurry when in this vehicle - not to mention that doing so would not be easy. At the beginning of battle, carefully consider your options as well as the potential moves of your enemies, as you will not be able to change flanks during combat. Choosing the right direction for an attack in this tank is the recipe for victory.

Avoid open spaces to minimise the risk of being hit by enemy SPG’s. Keep in mind that SPG’s are the deadliest enemies for top-tier Japanese tanks. Hide behind hills, cliffs, and various objects that cannot be destroyed. Generally speaking, try not to expose yourself to artillery fire at all costs.

The most effective tactic is to cooperate with your teammates, in both attack and defense. If necessary, this vehicle can cover less armoured allies from enemy fire and your allies can assist you in destroying mobile enemies with a low silhouette.

When in close combat, take advantage of your size - the tank can easily hit enemies' weak spots.



The new Japanese vehicle will be of interest to players who prefer a slower pace of gameplay that allows you to think your moves through.