Battle Pass Season VII: FAQ


Battle Pass Season VII is here! It will run for almost three months, until May 30, and will feature several important changes. Find the answers to frequently asked questions below, and check out the Battle Pass Season VII event guide for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is it different from previous Seasons? - The selection and activation of Chapters

In general, the Battle Pass mechanics remain the same—earn Battle Pass Points, get rewards, and save up Tokens for vehicles that interest you.

However, there are several key changes:

  • Chapters have become more standalone—now the entire progression of Season VII consists of 3 Chapters, each comprising 50 Stages. Previously, there were 150 Stages in which you could select the order for receiving the 3D style, but the rewards were distributed throughout your progression. In the new Season, the rewards are distributed across Chapters. In Season VII, this is most noticeable regarding 2D customizations—styles are bound to a particular Chapter, not to a Stage of progression.
  • To start the progression, you need to activate a Chapter. Go to the Battle Pass menu, select the required Chapter, and click the Activate Chapter button. After that, you will begin advancing through the Chapter progression and start receiving rewards. After completing a Chapter, you should select the next available one and activate it again.

What happens if I forget to activate a Chapter?

That's okay.

It's no big deal if you don't select a Chapter at the start of Season VII. All Battle Pass Points earned in battles or by completing Daily Missions will accumulate on your account. Your total can be seen in the Battle Pass interface. The main thing is not to forget to use them before the end of the Season.

When you decide to activate any Battle Pass Chapter, the previously earned Battle Pass Points will be invested in its progress. If there are more Points than required to complete the progress of one Chapter, they will remain on your account and will be invested in the progress of the next selected Chapter.

Therefore, it's okay to choose a Chapter after you have started Season VII. However, we recommend that you do not delay choosing, because if you forget to activate the Chapters before the end of the Season, any unused Points will be deducted without compensation.

Finally, Points earned without selecting a Chapter can only be invested in the progress of the main Chapters. They will not be available for the time-limited Chapter.

What is this time-limited Chapter? When will you share the details? Do I need to know anything before the announcement?

We will publish all the details shortly before the start of the event, including progression duration and timelines.

For now, it's enough to know that there will be an additional Chapter, available for a limited time. The main reward is a Tier VIII Premium tank.

The criteria for completing the time-limited Chapter is the same as for the main Chapters—accumulating Battle Pass Points. Points are earned the same way—at the end of a battle and by completing Daily Missions.

Important! Points earned before the start of the time-limited Chapter cannot be invested in its progress once it's activated.

Here's a hint: Consider the mechanics of earning Points in the Core Vehicles of the Season—there are both increased earnings and increased limits. Use them wisely.

How can I spend Battle Pass Points in Season VII?

Battle Pass Points start to accumulate right after the start of Season VII. They are earned the same way as before—by completing battles and Daily Missions.

If you activated any Battle Pass Chapter, Points will be used to advance its progress. If a Chapter has not been selected, Points will be accumulated and automatically invested in the Chapter's progress upon its activation. The main thing is not to forget to use the unallocated Battle Pass Points before the end of the Season, otherwise they will be lost.

In addition, completing the three Battle Pass Chapters unlocks the Items for Battle Pass Points Store. There you can spend Battle Pass Points earned throughout the entire Season in exchange for progressive styles and crew members from previous Seasons that are not available on your account, as well as bonds.

Crew members are available starting from Season IV, while progressive styles are available from Season I onwards. Only styles and crew members that are not on your account will be available for purchase.

Items for Battle Pass Points - What are the rewards? How are Battle Pass Points accumulated for this Store?

Items for Battle Pass Points become available after completing the three Main Chapters of Season VII.

All Battle Pass Points earned during the Season (those that were used to complete Battle Pass Chapters as well as those that were earned later) can be exchanged for bundles with bonds or spent on collecting rewards from previous Seasons that you missed.

3D and progressive styles starting from Season I, and crew members starting from Season IV, will be available for exchange. Only styles and crew members that are not on your account will be available for purchase.

Points are accumulated throughout one Season, and unused points will be deducted once it ends.

The bundle with Bounty Equipment for Tokens in the Store - Can you share more about it? Is it available once per year or once per Season? Do I have to spend three additional Tokens on it?

It's simple: Three Tokens have been added to the Base Rewards Track which can be spent on a bundle with Bounty Equipment. This bundle is available for purchase once per Season and allows you to receive one Bounty Equipment item of your choice. This will allow you to receive Bounty Equipment from the Base Rewards more quickly and provide choice.

You don't have to spend Tokens on this particular bundle—they can be saved for vehicles, Personal Reserves, or bonds.

Why is Cobra labeled "Under Development" on the portal? Are its technical characteristics subject to change? When will the vehicle's characteristics be revealed?

"Under Development" means that Cobra is in the final stage of testing. You can figure out what the vehicle will be like—its main peculiarities and features.

The final characteristics will be announced some time after the release but before the start of Season VIII, when it will first become available for purchase, due to its cost in Tokens.

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