Battle Pass: Showcase Your Mastery in the Elite Progression!

Greetings, Commanders!

World of Tanks is hosting the epic Battle Pass Season I, a long-term event with tons of prizes. Many of you have already completed the Main Progression, consisting of 45 Stages, and filled your vaults with a host of valuable rewards, including the unique Bounty Equipment.

The Journey Continues

Don't forget that your battle journey doesn't end with the completion of the Main Progression. Ahead of you is the Elite Progression, a real challenge for the most dedicated commanders. But if you complete its 100 tough Stages, you will earn a huge number of bonds and enter the elite of our tank community.

But First, Some Statistics

Since the start of the event, we’ve been closely monitoring how engaged you are when fighting through its Stages. And the truth is that your results are pretty impressive! Here’s a brief summary of your activities in the Main Progression. Check them out.

The Elite Progression: A Quick Recap and Gameplay Tips

Elite Progression is available regardless of whether an Improved Pass is purchased or not. Let’s take another look at its key features to be sure you didn’t miss anything.

  • Elite Progression shares the same Point Limit for all vehicles as the Main Progression, so be sure to keep expanding your arsenal of eligible machines. The more high-tier tanks you have in your Garage, the faster you will reap rewards.
  • Don’t forget that the  X Object 277  and the  X Super Conqueror  are Core Vehicles! They have special rules for obtaining Progression Points, as well as higher Point Limits.
  • The glorious  VII King Tiger (Captured)  also has a similar Core Vehicle status. Although it’s a Premium American Tier VII tank, it can earn the same number of Progression Points as a Tier X vehicle.
  • You will earn Points in Elite Progression according to the same rules as in Main, but each Stage will require more Points to complete than the last.
  • The reward for completing each Stage is bonds. For achieving certain Stages, you will receive many more bonds than usual.
  • Once you have reached a certain Stage, it will not be possible to be downgraded to a previous Stage.

Here are some statistics on how you’ve advanced through the Elite Progression so far.

Show Off Your Hard Work!

After completing the first Stage of Elite Progression, you will be rewarded with a brand-new dynamic Elite Chevron, exclusive to World of Tanks. It will show your current Battle Pass Stage in the Elite Progression, and this number will automatically increase as you move through the Elite Progression Stages. The Elite Chevron needs to be applied manually in the Account Status screen and is visible to players from both teams.

Keep honing your battle skills and earning rewards through the Battle Pass Elite Progression, Commanders!

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