Battle Journey: Your Year in Review


2020 has been a strange year, but it’s not been all doom and gloom though: World of Tanks celebrated its 10th anniversary with some epic events, a whole new level of challenge was served up in the form of the Battle Pass, and we had some epic collaborations, including one that brought Commander Chuck Norris to the game!

It’s the perfect time to look back at everything you've done and achieved over the previous year.

Which vehicle did you take to the battlefield the most? When was your best battle this year and just how much damage did you deal in it? What was your preferred battle style?

Find out all this and more right now with your personal Battle Journey of 2020!


Important: Battle Journey 2020 will only be available until February 4, 2021!

At the end of your Battle Journey, you will find a downloadable poster, which will feature all of your achievements. Your Battle Journey is an important chapter of your 2020 story, so share it with your friends and followers on social media!

Showcase Your Achievements

We’ve also partnered with Peecho, so you’ll also be able to make sure these memories never fade with unique mementos, such as top-quality A1 prints and stickers that will feature all your stats.

Proudly display your achievements—you've earned them!


How is "Tank battles you fought in" calculated? 

This year we only included Random and Grand Battles.

How is "Favorite tank" calculated? 

The highest share of random or grand battles played on a vehicle.

What does "Your style" mean exactly?

This is your most played class overall.

How is "Best battle" calculated?

It's the best battle based on XP gained.

Why are there different prices across countries?

The price is the same but postage and VAT cost differs from country to country.

What if I want to change the language of my poster?

You will have to redo your Battle Journey, but before you do, choose the language you want the poster to be in. This option can be found on the first screen before starting your journey.

Get ready to relive your 2020 with World of Tanks, Commanders!

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