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Baltic League finals

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We are glad to announce that Winter 2011 Rating Cup 2 of the World of Tanks Baltic League is over with the Red Tide team striking EES team down in the final battle. It stands to mention that teams had to play all 5 matches to single out the winner as according to the Cup regulations the final matches were to last until 3 victories. Moreover, the referees of the Cup stated that they haven't seen such a spectacular battle for a long time.

At the start of the Cup, 16 teams applied for partaking and furtherly they were divided into 4 sub-groups. The A Group was the toughest and was unofficially called "the Death Group". Unfortunately, 1stLT Briedziai, a strong Lithuanian team, was unable to join the matches to fight for the top places, although it had enough courage to get one.

And now it's high time to see the winners:

  1. Red Tide
  2. Eesti Eest Surmani
  3. Baltic Rush
  4. Shtruntwaffe

Once again the three prize-winners proved their perfect combat skills, while Latvians of the Shtruntwaffe team took such a significant reward for the first time.

The Cup winners demonstrate greatly that new teams snap at well-known players' heels and that is advantageous for all future participants.

Follow the link to see the replays of the battles:

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