Char B1: From France to Tankfest

Every year Tankfest is a very special occasion for us, but in 2018, we will spice up the event with a very rare piece of history.

We have joined forces with the Musée des Blindées, located in Saumur, France, to bring an extraordinary vehicle to the Tankfest Arena show: the iconic Char B1 bis.

With the combined talents of two nations and two museums, Saumur and Bovington, we've achieved something special: Le Rhin (the name of the only running B1 in the world) will roll for the first time in the United Kingdom, on the fields of Tankfest, where he will be crewed by the Musée des Blindés and the French Army.

By the way, to get there, Le Rhin has experienced an amazing odyssey, travelling on a truck, a ferry and obviously on its own power, much like it did more than 80 years ago, just so you can admire him this weekend! But don't worry, Le Rhin will save his strength with a few breaks. Indeed, we'll be lucky enough to see this rare piece of machinery parked in front of our booth.

To celebrate the B1's arrival, we'll have a special mission and new bundles, which will go live very soon, so make sure to come back here for more information, commanders!


Roll out!

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