August Heat: Things Are Getting Hot!

The hottest season of battles is already here, Commanders!

Summer has arrived, but it's going to get even hotter in World of Tanks. Get ready to take part in a whole series of exciting activities, August Heat, which will delight you with cool events, long-awaited game modes, and other specials. Plus, 2021 marks the 11th anniversary of World of Tanks, and we invite all of you to join our birthday bash! Jump in—August will be full of surprises!

Czechoslovakian Heavy Tanks Are Coming!

Asphalt will melt under the tracks of the brand-new Czechoslovakian heavy tanks storming onto the battlefields of our game. We’re adding an entire branch with four researchable Tier VII–X brawlers, so get ready to Czech it out this August!

The 11th Anniversary of World of Tanks

World of Tanks was born on August 12 in Minsk, the heart of Wargaming. 2021 marks the 11th anniversary of our game, and we're planning a grand celebration to honor this milestone! We've prepared a festive Garage and exciting gifts for all of you as a token of our sincere gratitude and appreciation. Let’s party together!

Field Modification

This brand-new feature allows you to fine-tune your favorite Tier VI–X vehicles to enhance their strengths and adjust them to better suit your personal playstyle. Discover new facets of your gameplay and make your tanks more competitive in battles!

Premium Vehicle Rebalancing

We’re continuing to rebalance iconic Premium vehicles and improve the characteristics of some of your favorite tanks from different nations. The T34, IS-6, and other popular tanks will receive their own improvements. Enjoy!

A New Map: Safe Haven

Get ready to experience intense battles on a fresh Random Battles map! Safe Haven, a picturesque 1,000x1,000-meter summer locale, features a demilitarized civilian port with a huge bunker. There is also a spacious green area and traditional Japanese fishing village, so all vehicle types will find plenty of cover and room to maneuver here.

Improve Your Navigation Skills in Topography

A new training mode is coming to World of Tanks: Topography. In this single-player mode, you’ll be able to master the basics of playing on maps of different difficulty levels. Completing special missions and exploring maps will improve your navigation skills and help you survive in the fiercest of battles.

Try Your Hand at Recon Mission!

Recon Mission, our new mode that will give you the first chance to try out possible changes in the game, is about to hit the live servers! We are currently improving it and will share more details soon.

Frontline 2021 Is Just Around the Corner

Frontline, the most epic mode in World of Tanks, will return to the game in August 2021 with a reworked Combat Reserves system. Plus, this Season, Tier IX vehicles are allowed after a certain stage in the battle.

Get Ready to Showcase Your Mastery

Finally, a surprise activity awaits you, which we’ll keep secret for now. More details are coming soon, so stay tuned and get ready to show off your skills!

August is a great time to play tanks, so don't miss out!

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