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August Calendar

General News
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August is the hottest month of the year, and so it's only fitting that we've prepared the hottest events, contests and specials for you to enjoy in the coming weeks. Make sure you check out what we've got in store for you and don't miss out on all the action around gamescom 2012 which will be happening later this month as well!

Here's this months full calendar:

MondayTuesdayWednesday Thursday      Friday     Saturday    Sunday   

    Tank of the Month: T1 Heavy
    Fun Cup Registration
    Ural Steel Qualifier
          Olympic Gods
                    Easy 8 Finals    
Fun Cup Registration
Tank of the Month: T1 Heavy
Ural Steel Qualifier    
Olympic Gods       Heavy Tanks Weekend
  Guess What     Touch Tag Contest
  Hunt us Down      
Fun Cup Registration
Tank of the Month: T1 Heavy Tank of the Month: M6
Heavy Tanks Weekend   gamescom Event
    gamescom Special
      Guess What
Touch Tag Contest      
Tank of the Month: M6
Fun Cup Registration   Fun Cup Playoff  
gamescom Special         Soviet Steel Weekend
  Behind the Lines

Tank of the Month: M6    
Soviet Steel Weekend          
  Guess What           


This Month’s Highlights:
  • Tank of the Month ― This month the T1 Heavy and the M6 are featured together for our Tank of the Month!
  • Olympic Gods ― The Olympic Games are taking place as we speak.  How are you doing at winning a few medals in game?  Celebrate the Games with us and enjoy some discounts!
  • Heavy Tanks Weekend ― Feeling heavy today? Then let's roll out onto the field and earn some extra credits with these fine machines!
  • gamescom Event ― gamescom is the biggest video game trade show in Europe and Wargaming will be there! Whether you are attending or not, we wanted to shower our biggest fans (that’s you!) with some awesome deals and bonuses!
  • Soviet Steel Weekend ― Let's bring out the series of  tanks designed by Joseph Yakovlevich Kotin. Don’t miss this special!
  • Touch Tag Contest ― A contest based on an original idea submitted by the community!  Can you hit every single enemy?
  • Behind the Lines Contest ― Love it or hate it, artillery is often in charge!  Show us your skill at destroying enemy artillery and win prizes in our new replay contest.
This Month's eSports
  • Ural Steel Qualifier ― Play in the second instalment of this big tournament and win your team a trip to Moscow for the finals!
  • Easy 8 Cup ― A tournament using the current official league rules.  Get your team together and win prizes!
  • Fun Cup ― Do you like fighting with SPG's?  Then this new edition of our very own Fun Cup is the right tournament for you!
Weekly Events:
  • Guess What ― A contest where you have to find out which tank is hidden in the picture. First one wins!
  • Hunt Us Down ― It is your chance to meet us on the battlefield and hunt us down!