Monthly Rundown: Exciting Specials and Events for Our Anniversary Month


We’ve been alluding to this event all year with great countdown activities, but now, it's finally here! The 10th anniversary of World of Tanks will happen in August. We hope you are just as excited as we are! But of course, this isn’t the only great thing that's happening this month. Check out what else to expect during the height of summer.

  • Battle Pass Season 2
  • 10-Year Anniversary: Act IV
  • Saving Private Brzęczyszczykiewicz
  • August Tank Rewards
  • Top of the Tree
  • On the Offensive
  • Extra Crew Progress
  • General Maintenance
  • Road to Gamescom
  • Choose Your Difficulty
  • Gamescom Special
Battle Pass Season 2

June 12 through September 8: Angela and Damon’s journey along the second Season of the World of Tanks Battle Pass continues. Keep collecting great rewards, including brand-new Bounty Equipment and more.

Earn Great Rewards

10-Year Anniversary: Act IV

July 10 through August 12: The second to last Act of our Anniversary Countdown has great surprises in store for you. Make sure to complete the latest missions, check out the new customizations in the anniversary store, and don’t miss the great anniversary deals in the Premium Shop!


Saving Private Brzęczyszczykiewicz

August 5 through September 7: The new Polish medium tanks are here and have sent a distress call. Private Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz is lost behind enemy lines. It is up to you to master the new Polish tank line, and maybe how to pronounce his name, and bring him back home. We are counting on you, Commanders! No man left behind!


All things Polish

August Tank Rewards

August 4 through August 28: Are you ready to party?! The Tank Rewards missions in August kick off the birthday celebrations, and the best thing is that you are the ones getting all the presents! Collect Tank Reward tokens to unlock different reward tiers and choose between three Premium vehicles.

Top of the Tree

August 5 through September 5 & August 20 through September 20: As announced last month, we have adjusted the Top of the Tree format, so every special will last a full month again. This means two races to the top will overlap. In order to keep it simple, we thought it would be best to stick to the same nation to kick things off. The beginning of August will, therefore, have discounts on British TDs from last month and will get the usual discounts, missions, and bundles for British light tanks up to the X Manticore on top! But, as not everyone favors the Brits, we will let Soviet mediums up to the X Object 140 carry us all the way into September.

On the Offensive

August 1 through August 4: Let’s rush into August and don’t hold back with a special that rewards damage, damage and you guessed it, damage! Show us that you can wreak havoc and collect great rewards!


Crew XP

Extra Crew Progress

August 8 through August 11: There might be some changes on the horizon regarding the crew, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect the guys and gals you already have working hard in your favorite machines. Make sure to show them how much you appreciate what they do with great discounts and special missions.


Better Free XP to Crew XP conversion

General Maintenance

August 15 through August 18: Could your tanks use a bit of brushing up after deflecting all the shells? Is your radio operator a bit banged up from the last battle? We’ve got a special that will help you put your Garage back in good shape.


All consumables

Road to Gamescom

August 21 through August 28: Get ready for the biggest annual gaming event in Europe. This year, gamescom will not just be in Cologne, but everywhere! So, lean back and complete a set of missions before the show starts.


A new gamescom style

Choose Your Difficulty

August 22 through August 25: Take it easy or go hard! It’s up to you! The more you put into it, the more you will get out of this special.


So much XP

Gamescom Special

August 28 through September 1: Just like Tankfest and many other events this year, gamescom 2020 will be entirely online. We are going to join the exhibition with a special event and great discounts!


Plenty of discounts