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Announcing Update 8.4

After the introduction of physics, the beginning of a long process tore-render the maps, and British and Chinese tanks, you’ve all been waiting to see what will be coming next for World of Tanks!  Update 8.4 is coming and is expected to be released on the European server in early March. 

The focus of the update is on even more new vehicles for you to enjoy on the battlefield!  We have a real selection for you.

British Tank Destroyers

That’s right, a full branch of tank destroyers will be added to the British tech tree.  Ten new vehicles will be added, giving you the choice of researching the line from the beginning, or jumping into it halfway from the heavy tank line.  Drive mighty vehicles such as the A39 Tortoise and bring devastation to your enemies.

Take a look at the new British tech tree below (click image to expand) and some images of the new vehicles, or visit the media section to see some renders.

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Universal Carrier 2-pdr Alecto
AT-2 Churchill Gun Carrier
AT39 Tortoise FV215b (183)


New Premium Soviet Tank Destroyer – SU-100Y

The Soviet tech tree will be getting a newcomer in the form of the powerful SU-100Y tank destroyer.  This vehicle is huge and hits hard, and is more than capable of taking on the heaviest vehicles on the battlefield.  It will be a premium vehicle.


Three New German Light Tanks

Germany will also be receiving some reinforcements in the form of three new light tanks!  Why not take a ride in the Panzer I?. Or take a cruise in the Panzer II Ausf. G and pick off your enemies in style.  


Four More Maps Overhauled

Our ongoing process to update all of the maps to the new visual and rendering style continues.  This time Steppes, Fisherman’s Bay, Ensk and Live Oak receive the treatment!


New Player Tutorial

We have a treat in store for our newest players.  A brand-new tutorial will be added to the game and will cover tank controls, the mechanics of shooting and basic combat tactics.


Want to keep up to date?  Check out our In-Development page to see more information as it becomes available.


Are you excited, Commanders?  We are!  Stay tuned for more news about Update 8.4!