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Announcing the Global Service

General News
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We are proud to announce the forthcoming launch of a new global service from which you can access World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and the forthcoming World of Battleships.

The new portal will bring ease and convenience to your gaming experience by letting you create a single unified account that will provide instant access to all three games as well as any partner or fan websites.

The key features of the globally integrated service will include:

  • One Destination: The portal will give you one-stop access to all three titles and showcase a world at war – whether you are playing with Tanks, Warplanes or Battleships. 
  • Common Economics: The introduction of common economics for the three titles will allow you to transfer gold and free experience between them.
  • Single MMO Battle Realm: Tank, Warplane, and Battleship clans will be assisting each other in their ground, air and sea attacks to achieve world domination on a single global map.

In addition, the new unified account system offers several useful features including improved security for your account.  As well as being safer than traditional models, there will also be a security key service tied to your mobile phone number offering greater protection for you as well as quick and easy account recovery should it be necessary.

The new service will also help you stay up to date by bringing all your news, videos, updates and innovations into one place. Become part of a single community of millions of players within one universe at war.

Learn more by visiting the new portal today!

Let’s Battle!