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AMX-50 68t, the "Cardboard" tank

The new article published by depicts another vehicle, due to appear on World of Tanks battlefields. The so-called French “cardboard” AMX-50 68t tank is described vividly in the story, which tells about the tank's background history.

"Right after the liberation in 1944, the French governors decided to demonstrate their involvement in the anti-Hitler coalition. As the equivalents of Pz.VI Ausf.B Tiger-II were not present in the ranks of the allies (western allies, as it should be mentioned), a machine like that was decided to be engineered. Development of new tanks was being continued even in occupied France and continued with renewed force after the liberation."

Besides that, gives the opinions of experienced WoT players and the game developers to highlight main peculiarities of the designed in-game vehicle.

"GoHa.Ru: Why would the developers rearrange the high-tier French tanks even before their implementation? Do you think that more changes are coming?

Kauzer [RED_A]: I think the changes were made with taking the future balance in mind and, in a way, to buff the branch. In my opinion, AMX 50 120mm wouldn’t be a good HT10. I will elaborate…"

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