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All-Rounder Weekend Special


This weekend we’re betting on versatility. Therefore, we have prepared some nice bonuses and discounts on the battlefield’s jacks-of-all-trades, medium tanks! Here’s what you can expect:


Double Crew Experience

Your tank is only as good as your crew – train your tankers at double the rate!


50% Discount and Credit Income Bonus for all Tier V Medium Tanks*

Earn 50% credits on all of your mid-game mediums or get some at half of their usual price!

*Please note that this offer does not include Premium vehicles.


30% Discount and 20% Credit income Bonus for all Tier VI Medium Tanks*

Tier VI is when the real battles begin - use this offer to your advantage!

*Please note that this offer does not include Premium vehicles.


50% Discount on the following Premium vehicles:

Matilda IV V
T-25 V
Ram II V
Matilda Black Prince V
Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm VI

50% Discount on Garage Slots

Need more room for your vehicles? Expand your garage at half the price!


50% Gold Discount on Crew Retraining

Now is the perfect time to assign your crews to new vehicles, with a 50% discount on the crew retraining price in gold!


Weekend Missions:

Mission 1: A Job Well Done


  • Win 75 Battles during the special


  • 1x Day Premium Account
  • 10x Automatic Fire Extinguishers


  • Once per Account
  • Random Battles only


Mission 2: Lucky 7’s


  • Win 7 Battles
  • Survive 7 Battles
  • Destroy 7 Tanks


  • 70,000 Credits


  • Once per day
  • Random Battles only


You can enjoy these bonuses from Saturday 7th September 2013 07:10 CEST (GMT +2) until Tuesday 10th September 2013 07:00 CEST.


Roll out, Commanders!