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Advent Calendar 2016

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as it is customary for us to do, at the beginning of December we will be releasing our special World of Tanks Advent Calendar that will feature some amazing deals in the Premium Shop!

If you have been with us last year, then you know that these offers consist of special 24-hour-only deals that may feature attractive discounts, rare tanks and even Premium vehicles that have never been released before.

What you do not know, though, is that this year we are also introducing something extra: on random days, we will be adding a special scratch-out area to the Calendar entry. After having been cleared with your mouse, it will reveal a part of a bonus code. Collect eight parts to complete the code and redeem it on the website to claim a nice holiday present! Make sure to visit every day and claim your gift after the top offer reveal on 24 December!

From 1 to 24 December, the calendar, available here, will be updated daily with new offers:


Visit our portal regularly this December, and don't miss your chance to get hold of something really special!


Happy Holidays!