Transition From Launcher to Game Center


We are transferring players to the Game Center and building a unified infrastructure for all projects in the universe. The transition will affect all games, and the next step for all tankers is transferring all Common Test participants to the Game Center.

The Common Test will only be available through the Game Center. The Common Test launcher will be updated on launch, then all installed games will be imported into the Game Center, including the World of Tanks Common Test client. The will be no other way to launch the Common Test client.

The Common Test client can be accessed here:

What is the Game Center?

  • Unified infrastructure for all projects in the Wargaming universe.
  • All Wargaming games, as well as the Common Test and the Sandbox in one application.
  • Game access in one click and support for multiple accounts, including accounts from different regions.
  • Flexible game updates: ability to automatically update games when they are not launched.
  • Customer Support Service application management from the app.

Install WargaminG Game Center  


Questions & Answers


How do I select a WoT server before entering the Garage?

In the client settings, enable the "Display server selection upon game launch" option.

Can I add the game to the Game Center without downloading it again?

Yes, you can. Game Center can import installed games. Go to the All Games tab, click Import Installed Games and select the path to the games you want to import.

Does the Game Center use more resources than the launcher?

The Game Center uses fewer resources by default compared to the launcher. If you want to speed up the installation process, you may enable the "Use all computer resources during installation" option. This will allow the Game Center to use up resources that may be in use by other processes, which may lead to a decrease in their performance. But the games will be installed and updated faster. At the same time, if there are no heavy processes in the system, the installation will take the same amount of time in both cases.

When a game is launched from Game Center, it stops checking for updates and notifications. The CPU load is negligible (~0%). Network load is also zero.

Why are there so many banners in Game Center?

The Game Center keeps you up-to-date with the current news and the best deals in the universe. Having all the relevant information in one place is convenient and saves time.

Will Game Center use my personal data?

The Game Center only stores your username, email address, and token—a temporary unique user identifier. 

Can I switch accounts without entering login data every time?

Yes, you can. You can even switch between accounts for different projects and clusters. For example, you will be able to use accounts from different regions for WoT.

Why doesn't Game Center close automatically after the game launches? Will it be implemented in the future?

The Game Center does not close because it automatically updates game data and user account data.

Can I install game clients of different regions (CIS, EU)?


Is Game Center compatible with Mac?

Not yet, but we plan to add support in the future.

Previously, I had an issue with the Game Center where the app didn't unload from memory after the game was launched. It affected performance on my low-end PC. Was the issue solved?

Yes, the issue was solved and you should no longer encounter it. If your PC stutters during the game update, check if the "Use all computer resources during installation" option is enabled. If the performance is still very poor, you can enable the "Exit Game Center when I close the main window" option.

Is there a difference in internet traffic consumption between the game launcher and the Game Center?

There is no significant difference: nothing is downloaded or uploaded additionally. Moreover, you can set up an update schedule in the app settings, which will restrict the automatic update download time. You can also restrict the download speed, but the updates will take longer to download.


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