American Duel: T28 vs TS-5


With the first American Tier VIII Premium tank destroyer joining World of Tanks, it's time to investigate the differences between the brand-new TS-5 and its direct counterpart, the good old T28.

All values below take into consideration a 100% trained crew.


Let's start the fight with a close round. The T28 and the TS-5 share the same alpha damage, but the TS-5 has the advantage when it comes to their reload speed. With a higher DPM, the new tank destroyer can easily hammer its enemies down, but you also have to take the shell velocity into account. Regarding that matter, with faster default shells, the T28 is better at sniping, while the TS-5 is forced to close the distance with its targets. The surprisingly fast HEAT shells from the TS-5 can actually solve part of this problem.



Damage: 400/400/515 HP
Reload time: 8.73 s
DPM: 2,751 HP
Penetration: 248/297/60 mm
Shell Velocity: 945/1181/945 m/s

Damage: 400/400/515 HP
Reload time: 8.15 s
DPM: 2,945 HP
Penetration: 248/300/60 mm
Shell Velocity: 860/1050/860 m/s


The accuracy values of these two tanks actually make their differences more obvious. Because of its dispersion, the TS-5 cannot be played as a simple and plain sharpshooter, especially when firing its standard shells. Therefore, if you're looking for a more "versatile" tank destroyer, the T28 should be your pick.



Aim Time: 2.01 s
Accuracy: 0.36 m
Horizontal Angles: 10° left/11° right
Vertical Angles: -5°/20°

Aim Time: 1.73 s
Accuracy: 0.42 m
Horizontal Angles: 10° left/10° right
Vertical Angles: -5°/20°


Neither the T28 nor the TS-5 are speedsters. Far from it, actually, and you cannot expect to be the first to reach a sniping position aboard these tanks. That said, the TS-5 might have a slight advantage by moving forwards or backwards, while the T28 has better acceleration and gun traverse. In the end, it will come down to your preference in terms of gameplay. Tip: Decide during the countdown where you want to go. Later on, you won't really have a chance to switch flanks.



Forward Speed: 22 km/h
Reverse Speed: 10 km/h
Power-to-weight Ratio: 13.01 hp/ton
Gun Traverse: 27.12°/s
Tank Traverse: 25.03°/s
Forward Speed: 26 km/h
Reverse Speed: 12 km/h
Power-to-weight Ratio: 12.50 hp/ton
Gun Traverse: 22.95°/s
Tank Traverse: 25.03°/s

Survivability / Visibility

If these two destroyers were animals, they would probably look like a turtle or a crab of some sort. Both have strong and thick skin, and since their view range and camouflage values are similar, and looking at both you'll see that none of them is really meant to snipe. As for survivability, only the shape of the armour and your skills will make a difference. The T28 has a more consistent and a nicely angled armour, whereas the TS-5 is more chubby. Sure, its mantlet is super strong, but angling this guy properly and hiding the lower frontal plate will be more difficult. 



Hit Points: 1,500
Hull Armour: 254/101/50
View Range: 370 m
Camouflage (still): 18.18%
Camouflage (moving): 10.89%
Camouflage (still, firing): 4.09%
Camouflage (moving, firing): 2.45%
Hit Points: 1,500
Hull Armour: 260/100/51
View Range: 370 m
Camouflage (still): 15.28%
Camouflage (moving): 9.18%
Camouflage (still, firing): 2.75%
Camouflage (moving, firing): 1.65%

To Sum It Up

  • T28: Quite accurate and equipped with fast flying shells, the T28 can pick its targets from a distance. In that sense, this vehicle is a more traditional tank destroyer. Of course, that won't stop you from going up close with its strong armour to brawl with other big tanks (which you should)
  • TS-5: This one is more of a breakthrough vehicle. You have to be in the middle of the action to make up for your poor accuracy and shell velocity, but once on the front, everybody will learn to fear your damage per minute and strong frontal armour


Which of them is your favourite?