T-50-2, the Tank of the People

Once upon on a time, in another World of Tanks, everybody loved the T-50-2. A dreamboat of a light tank, known for being one of the most agile vehicles of the game, which at the time, didn't have the same physics. But the T-50-2 has now returned, and this gives us the perfect occasion to talk about this iconic machine!

The Backstory

  • After the Spanish Civil War, Soviet officials were looking for a successor to the T-26, a completely obsolete light tank. Several engineers jumped at the chance at the end of 1940, including two working at the Kirov plant.
  • Two prototypes came out of this competition, and the T-50-2 is actually based on one of them. This vehicle showed a few issues but managed to pass the first tests, partly thanks to a good installation of the engine cooling radiator. That helped reduce the overall size of the tank.
  • Sadly, after a few analyses, this prototype was not selected. A design by the plant No. 147 took its place and went into mass production, leading to the introduction of the T-50.
  • Fun fact: the work on the prototype that inspired the T-50-2 was not in vain. It actually saw combat around Leningrad, its birthplace. It was staffed by factory workers and was even repaired by them a couple of times after taking damage in combat!


The Soviet Union - WWII
Weight: 13.8 tons
Crew: 4
Armour: 15-37 mm
45 mm main gun
Two DT 7.62 mm MGs
Top Speed: 64 km/h

In World of Tanks

Manned by its own makers, the T-50-2 has a pretty cool backstory. But this tank was also the people's champion in World of Tanks. Some of you might remember the time it was flying from one point of the map to another, defying gravity itself.

This Tier V light tank was known for its crazy mobility, but also for a surprisingly good gun, and some lucky bounces due to its shape, which is kinda unique. 

Feeling nostalgic already? Don't worry! The T-50-2 is now back in World of Tanks, and it will reward each and every one of our grizzled commanders for their patience and unconditional love.

Long live the T-50-2!

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