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September in World of Tanks – A Sneak Peek


You knew this time had to finally come – the summer is over and autumn grows ever closer, bringing cold and rainy days along the way. Fear not, however, for we spared no effort to prolong the summer joy and make September enjoyable for you!

Would you like to know more? Not a problem! Here’s a handy preview of what you can expect very soon:


Epic Missions

September will be very busy with great missions and great prizes. In fact, completing some of them can even grant you Premium vehicles, such as the KV-220 and the very rare Type 62! You can’t miss out on this opportunity!




Stronghold Missions

The latest game mode will also have some boosts. If you haven’t tested it yet, now is the perfect time to do so, as there will be additional bonuses!


Awesome Weekend Specials and Weekly Missions

Throughout the whole month there will be a constant flow of great events, switching between missions and specials as it goes. Forget about the early autumn blues and join us on the battlefield!


New Fun Game Mode

At the end of September we are planning to release a special game mode for you to enjoy. Get excited, we can promise you that it will be loads of fun!


For more information about upcoming events, see our Event Calendar

Keep your head up and welcome September with open arms, Commanders!