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Meet the Heavy Tank No.VI


Meet the Heavy Tank No. VI, the first Japanese heavy tank in the game! The legendary Tiger comes in a new wrapping. Remember, you can acquire this tank for yourself in the Premium Shop now!



Distinctive Features


An accurate gun with a high rate of fire and aiming speed, capable of dealing 1,885 points of damage per minute. The Japanese tank can easily crush its opponents in battles against Tier VII or Tier VI vehicles, where it tops the team list. In battles with Tier VIII vehicles, the best tactic to guarantee dealing some damage is to stick to the second line, while trying to get a good shot into the enemy’s side or rear armour - another possible option is to switch to premium shells!

Plenty of Shells and Cheap Standard Ammunition

The tank is able to carry 92 shells. If you combine that number with the high rate of fire, you get a machine capable of over 13 minutes of ceaseless shooting. The amount of shells allows you to freely fire at the enemy without the fear of running out of ammo in the middle of battle. In addition, the shells are dirt-cheap - armour-piercing shells costing only 240 credits, so spamming shots will hardly affect your income after the battle.

Excellent View Range

The tank’s view range is 370 metres, and it is top of the list when compared to its peers. The Japanese Tiger can easily control crucial positions or spot enemy attacks. Furthermore, you will rarely find yourself shot at by an invisible opponent.

Accelerated Crew Training

Owing to the special characteristics of premium vehicles, not only does the Heavy Tank No. VI earn more credits, but it also enables accelerated crew training. This feature is particularly desirable if you are planning on exploring the Japanese heavy tank branch later on.

High Durability

The Japanese Tiger is one of the most solid Tier VI heavy tanks. The large amount of hit-points the tank possesses makes it a formidable opponent for all vehicles of the same Tier, and a true steel wall that can pierce defences and remain operational.


This steel predator has impressive mobility for a heavy tank. The reported maximum speed is 40 km/h, but the Heavy Tank No. VI easily attains a cruise speed of 30–35 km/h, which is more than enough for capturing strategic positions and moving across the map when necessary.

Armour Protection

The tank inherited the Krupp armour suit from the German Tiger I, a Tier VII heavy tank. However, the Japanese version is Tier VI - therefore, its armour protection is more than satisfactory. If the tank is at the top of the team list, then the tactic of relying upon your thick armour will work perfectly. Angle the hull to absorb damage, and Lady Luck should smile upon you. Battles against Tier VII and VIII vehicles will require a more considered approach, as 100 mm of steel, albeit produced by Krupp, will be of little use in a close range encounter.

Tactical Role in Combat

What tactics you use when utilizing the imperial Tiger on the battlefield directly depends on the position of the tank in the team list.

At the Top

This position gives the Japanese tank freedom to act. This heavily armed samurai has the power to exchange long shots, breach defences and hold back numerous enemy forces. The Heavy Tank No. VI dominates Tier VI battles. If you top the list, you should realise that the outcome depends on you. It does not matter who your opponent is, because your only goal is to earn credits and eliminate enemies.

Tier VII Battles

Tier VII battles are much more interesting and diverse. You must admit that it is more challenging to battle tougher vehicles than to shoot low-tier tanks like sitting ducks. The German heritage of this Japanese tank provides everything you need to win. Owing to the excellent view range as well as its famous 88-mm gun, this tank will most certainly pose a problem for higher-Tier vehicles, as the frontal armour of the majority of Tier VII vehicles is vulnerable to its shells. Nevertheless, head-on attacks should be ruled out, because the 100-mm frontal armour is not sloped and the tank may suffer when under enemy fire.

Tier VIII Battles

Almost all Tier VIII vehicles are extremely dangerous for the No.VI. That is why you should remember the first rule of Bushido: “It is true courage to live when it is right to live, and to die only when it is right to die.” It is not a good idea to leap into action with the other heavy tanks. The best tactics for this Tiger, in this situation, is to support groups of medium tanks and take up positions suitable for hitting soft spots of opposing vehicles. Stay behind your allies, be attentive to the minimap, and victory should be yours.



Not only does this new Japanese tank offer you a unique gameplay experience, but it also won’t burden you with excessive effort. It’s a trusty, reliable beast that does its part by dealing damage, utilizing its excellent armour, and, most crucially, by earning credits.

One of the most distinctive features of the Heavy Tank No. VI is its Tier. The tank possesses almost the same characteristics as the German Tiger I, but the lower Tier gives it a certain advantage. Furthermore, the new vehicle may be used to train crews for Japanese heavy tanks, as the standard Japanese heavy tanks will be following in its steps shortly.


Roll out!