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Version 9.16: Take a Trip to Paris in Random Battles

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Paris, the City of Lights, made its way into Random Battles in Version 9.16. Forget about hotel bookings and buying plane tickets because you can go sightseeing in the French capital right in-game. Just remember to keep your eye out for the enemy, though.

A while ago, we talked a little about the historical side of the new map. Now, with the history lesson already covered, we’ll go over the gameplay basics and how different vehicles should approach the map.

A Whirlwind Tour of Paris

The Paris map can be divided into three play zones: an open space along the Seine riverbank, the urban districts to the south, and the map’s center—the round Trocadéro square. These segments make Paris a dynamic, atmospheric map full of opportunities for manoeuvre, epic battles, and surprise attacks. 

Seine Riverbank


Located in the northern part of the map, it will be an active confrontation zone with most encounters taking place in the park area and along the riverbank. The park area has four gravel hills at its perimeter and another one with an excavator at the very border of the map, all providing good cover. So, you can bet each side will be rushing for it and fight tooth and nail to keep it. 

Now let’s take a stroll by the Seine riverbank. It provides a great opportunity to augment your team’s attack. You can capture the map’s center, offering supporting fire to the urban districts or helping them break through to the enemy base. Keep in mind, though, that cover on the riverside is sparse and you are putting your tank on the line taking this position. So, don’t be surprised if you get sniped from across the map or the other team is waiting patiently for their chance to take you down. Not to mention that fact you’re easy pickings for artillery.

Recommended Vehicles

The Seine riverbank is the domain of medium and light tanks – manoeuvrable and fast, they’ll make sure you have a good fight over the hills in the park. SPGs and tank destroyers should keep to the rear guard, closer to the map’s border, and support their more manoeuvrable allies. 

Urban Districts


If you are a heavy tank player, then you’ll be at home here because it was made for getting up close and personal. The bridge at the city’s outskirts is a key area to hold and will be a real hot zone. Controlling it lets you advance towards the enemy base or attack the central map area. Vehicles at the first line of fire will be unreachable for enemy SPGs, unlike those at the second line.

Recommended Vehicles

This is another area that has “heavy” written all over it. However, tank destroyers are welcome here, too. If you prefer medium tanks, you should exercise extreme caution and remain at the second line of attack or use heavy tanks as your shield.

Central Square

The central square is the perfect area for light tanks to spot enemy manoeuvre. If you are a particularly savvy light tanker, you can even spot enemy SPGs. While it’s rather risky, your team will be glad they have you on their side. 

Scouts are able to discover enemies right from the start of battle. To accomplish this, quickly move to the central square, spot enemies moving along passages, and aim to flank them.

The map’s center is also a perfect firing position. However, you’re out in the open there, so expect that damage indicator to light up. Also, you’ll have a hard time securing this place at the start of battle, since vehicles in the area tend to come under heavy fire. It may be safer to put it off for later. The square becomes a key strategic point when the majority of enemy tanks are cruising around the rest of the map. This is the time you attempt to outflank the enemy. As you already know, it’s always better to hunt in packs. You team should make good use of light and medium tanks, as well as fast heavy-tanks like the T-10.

Prime Locations

You can check out the interactive Paris minimap, which includes the firing positions for different vehicle types.

While Paris may be one of the world’s most romantic destinations, it’s also set to be a perfect location for virtual tank battles. Lots of interesting tactical situations will be waiting for you, so now you just have to hop into your tank and start sightseeing for yourself.


See you on the battlefield!