Update 9.20.1: Personal Missions

If Personal Missions keep you glued to the screen for hours, then hold onto your seats and get comfortable because they are getting a significant makeover in 9.20.1. From revised completion mechanics and new rewards through to a sleek military-style interface, we waded through your feedback and tweaked them to uplift the overall experience. Let’s take a closer look!

Personal Missions are special missions you can pursue at any time to win unique rare tanks. They task you with completing specific objectives showing your skill in different vehicle types. Split into Primary and Secondary, these objectives can range from simply surviving a particularly harsh battle, to destroying a certain number of opponents, to making sure that you stay undetected throughout the entire melee. Along with offering regular new challenges and being a fine way to hone your skill, Personal Missions can earn you valuable in-game items and female Crew members.

Streamlined Progression

Right now completing all 15th missions with honors leaves you with extra Commendations that don’t carry over to the next operation. You can’t use them further down the road, which undermines the efforts you poured to excel. To reinforce great performance and streamline progression through the 1st campaign, we removed Commendations. Now, completing Primary Objectives for the 15th mission earns you a Component, while completing both Primary and Secondary Conditions for it gets you an Order. Components take you a step closer to the reward vehicle. As soon as you have five of them, the tank is yours.

Orders come in handy when you want to skip the last mission in a set. Just like with Commendations, having four Orders up your sleeve lets you jump over a mission, whether it’s unlocked or not, and reap the rewards promised for nailing its Primary Conditions.

But wait, there’s more to Orders. When you slayed through four out of five 1st campaign mission tiles and use four Orders for the final mission of the skipped set, you get the main reward for the whole set. Yes, it means an expertly trained female Crew member is yours to recruit without completing the last 15th mission.

Remember that one particular mission that just wouldn’t budge sending you into the “Groundhog Day” mode? There must be at least one like this if not more for everyone. Now, all it takes to color it complete is an Order. You heard it right: earning an Order for the final mission gives you a carte blanche to bypass absolutely any battle mission in the line, starting from the very first through to 14th. Moreover, you can reclaim an Order you used to skip a mission if you get back to it and complete it with honors. And then, use this Order to skip another mission.

Revised Conditions

We know you have been asking for a thorough mission conditions revision after 9.18. We’ve made the first pass on SPG Personal Missions lately and continue fine-tuning them in 9.20.1 to ensure they’re well-suited for the new arty gameplay. Since it’s not just arty missions that called for revision, we went through the rest of the list tailoring rewards to the relative difficulty of earning them. For example, if you’re working your way towards a Tier VII reward vehicle, you can do it in a Tier VII tank now.

You can check the details of the revised Personal Missions in the Update 9.20.1 Common Test article.

Improved Navigation

Much of your feedback on Personal Missions concerned navigation, and we’ve taken measures to improve it. Now, you need to go no further than the Garage menu to check your progress and pick up the next quest.

You’ll notice a new tab between “Battle Missions” and “Achievements.” Left-clicking it opens the “Personal Missions” menu where you can choose an operation to complete. You can also get a full read on any mission, whether it’s available to you at the moment or not, right here.

Another bit of feedback we heard frequently was having to choose the nation and role for a newly-earned female Crew member to move on to the next set of mission. Update 9.20.1 removes this step. Now, you can continue your way down the 1st campaign, and deal with the new Crew whenever you like.

New Rewards

When it comes to Personal Missions, tankers would play for hours non-stop to complete an operation. We figured, hey, we should go an extra mile to recognize such a dedication and added a few exclusive customization items to the list of rewards.

  • Finishing a set of 15 missions with honors earns you three types of a unique camo for the reward tank along with a chance to purchase it for any other vehicle from the same Tech Tree.
  • Complete Primary conditions throughout a set and you get three types of a unique camo for the reward tank only
  • Nailing each operation earns you an exclusive badge, and they differ depending on whether you made it by meeting Primary Conditions or Primary and Secondary ones
  • Go through all operations within the 1st campaign with honors and grab a special badge for this achievement.

We hope these tweaks make your way through the 1st Campaign more enjoyable and satisfying. Join in and let us know if there are any other issues that bother you. We know we’re not all the way there yet with Personal Missions and will continue to work on their mechanics and UI update over update until we all are happy with the experience.

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