Update 9.19: Interface Improvements

Over time, we saw plenty of feedback on the Battle Missions interface, and have been working to make it more informative and spare you unnecessarily complicated navigation through menus. Starting with 9.19, you can access all information on Battle Missions from the Garage main menu and review current and future missions, events, and the rewards you can earn for them in the new “Missions” screen, where all information is logically structured across three tabs. Let’s explore each of them!


This lists Battle Missions you can complete once or multiple times, grouped into sets according to the campaign or sequence of missions they belong to.

Lastly, you’ll now earn special tokens as you progress through battle missions. However, you can’t progress until you have a token from a previous stage. Once you complete a mission, all tokens you earned for it are removed.

Navigation: Picking a set opens the full list of related battle missions, with their conditions and the number of times you can forgo each. Left-clicking on the conditions displays the list of vehicles fit for this challenge. If you’d like to browse the conditions of related Battle Missions, you can do it from there until you make up your mind.


The second tab contains mission marathons. These series of challenges take a while to complete, but are well worth the time and effort. Nailing them will earn you truly valuable and memorable rewards. Just think of the hunt for the T25 Pilot we had back in March.

Navigation: Choose an event to get a full briefing on it. In the upper part of the screen, you’ll find the time frame within which it’s available, along with the reward and set of conditions you must fulfill to earn your reward. It also lists the compensation you receive if you already got the reward. If you look down, you’ll see the conditions for the currently available Battle Missions. Left-clicking any of them opens a menu of vehicles for completing the mission.

Search by the Selected Vehicle

If you have a great selection of tanks and struggle to figure out which missions you can take with a certain vehicle, go straight to the 3rd tab. It’ll give you a full breakdown of all challenges currently available for the selected tank. If you want to check up on another vehicle, just switch between tanks right on this tab.


We’ve heard your long-time requests and are adding a new “Specials” tab on the “Armory” screen. Head over there to learn about ongoing special offers and limited-time sales, pick whichever you like most to go over all the details, and go ahead to complete a purchase if you like what you see.

We hope these interface changes improve your experience, making navigation through the game easier. Stop by our forums to let us know what you think of them or any other elements you believe need revision. It’ll help set up further updates as we continue to make the UI more straightforward, easier to use, and understandable.