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Patch 8.9 Information and Community Activities

General News
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Patch 8.9 “Armored Spearhead” is here! But what’s it all about?

Patch 8.9 arrived just a few days ago and no doubt you’ve already had a look at some of the new content. We’re rolling out a range of cool new things including the 7 vs. 7 Team Battles, a brand new map, a whole line of new German Tank Destroyers and more. 

Please check out the information we have already released about Patch 8.9:

How can you check out the new stuff?

You can of course play the game!  But you might also like to check out some of the action or learn more about Patch 8.9 on or YouTube. You could even do both!

Below are links to some popular YouTubers or Streamers that may feature Patch 8.9 content:

Note: It is not guaranteed these links feature Patch 8.9 content: We don’t employ them, they are run by fans of the game with their own free will!

Contests, did you say contests?

Actually we didn’t say anything about contests yet! But since you asked: There’s a big Patch 8.9 themed global contest coming up next week with some appropriately juicy prizes. You’ll need to use the new German Tank Destroyers to enter, so you might want to consider spending some time acquiring those! In the meantime, check out the contest we’re running right now in the forums.

Everyone here at Wargaming hopes you enjoy checking out the new content in Patch 8.9.

Good luck, have fun!