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8.1: Premium Ammo Change

General News
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Let’s get straight to it: in the upcoming Version 8.1 of World of Tanks, you will be able to buy premium ammunition with credits as well as gold!  The intention is to give all tank commanders the chance to be equal in the field.

For now, premium ammunition is only available with gold. Gold is the in-game currency you can obtain with real money. Remember that premium ammo is improved over regular ammo: it penetrates better than a regular round. This means that with premium ammo, you can perform stronger and better hits on your enemies, i.e. just what a commander wants on the battlefields – to be more efficient in destroying enemies!

The current plan is as follows: the new feature of premium ammunition purchasable with credits will be available on the test server and, if successful, will be implemented in Version 8.1. The price of premium shells in credits will be the same as the conversion rate of converting gold into credits in-game: 1 gold = 400 credits. So if you are already accustomed to buying premium ammo with gold, you just can keep doing so, or use your precious gold for other purposes, such as mounting camouflage or buying premium tanks. If you have not used premium ammo before, you will be happy to discover that, after a great battle in which you have earned a lot of credits, you can pick up some improved shells to be more efficient in the future battles. Of course, the higher efficiency of the improved ammo means you will keep earning even more credits, so that you can keep buying premium ammunition, and so on.

The option to purchase premium shells with credits is a very significant change which requires more checks and the collection of a larger amount of combat data than can be managed in a public test.  As a result, the testing period for this specific feature will last from the release of Version 8.1 until the release of Version 8.2.  Once we have gathered the results and conducted some research, we will decide whether to leave this feature in the game permanently.  Further news will be published about this once decisions have been made.  Remember, you can also test the feature out beforehand on the test server.


Have fun unleashing devastation with your new premium ammo, commanders!