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7.2 Update has been released


World of Tanks development team is glad to announce that the update 7.2 is due to release for the main server on March 30.

Update: The maintenace process is over and the game is back online for you to enjoy. 

Due to the maintenance, Global Map and Clan Wars will be unavailable from March 30th, 05:15 CEST (03:15 GMT) till March 31th, 05:15 CEST (03:15 GMT).

Please abstain from payments during the specified period of time.

All users having premium accounts on during the start of the maintenance are having their premiums compensated for a day since March 30th, 2012 from 7:00 CEST. 

Main features of the update 7.2 are the following:

  • New maps Province and Live Oaks;
  • American tank destroyers with turning turrets line: M8A1, T49 , M18 (Hellcat), T25-2, and T28 prototype;
  • Changes in the American heavy tanks line;
  • 22 new crew skills and perks;
  • New camouflages for all nations.

The full list of implementations with 7.2 update can be found here.

You can download the full client with the complete version from our downloading page.

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