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7.2 Preview: game economy changes [UPDATE]

General News
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As we all know, version 7.2 will be the next big update of World of Tanks. In the update, the game's economics will introduce a lot of changes. These are targeted to optimize the income of all vehicles and to set optimal prices on their modules.  This will make the whole researching and purchasing process more comfortable.

Vehicle Progression

In the current version of World of Tanks, after players finish researching a new vehicle, they usually have to play a large number of battles just to grind enough credits to be able to afford it. Though during the progression through Tank Tree, players improve their skill at the game and as a result are able to earn more credits in damage and kills. The old economic system requires a lot of effort and time to progress on low and mid tiers. We want to change this!

Moreover, low income in low levels forces players to choose between saving credits for a new vehicle or purchasing consumables and equipment.

Considering all the above mentioned, we’re planning to increase income on the low tiers.  This will give players the possibility to earn more credits and XP.  As a result of these changes, players will have the opportunity to purchase new tanks much faster and sooner after the research.

Meanwhile, higher tier tanks will see faster experience progression compared to credit income on a battle-by-battle basis. We feel these particular changes will greatly improve the rate at which players reach the middle tiers of the game, while also improving the play experience once they reach that point.

Out of Stock

Going along with the progression changes are modifications to the progression through a vehicle itself. We are revamping the experience and credit costs of many modules.

Module cost should be appropriately based on its effectiveness in battle. Currently it doesn't  work like that. In some cases, modules are performing too well for their experience and credit costs. In those cases we will be boosting their credit costs, but there are also a lot of modules which are currently too expensive and in 7.2 will have their experience and credit costs reduced.

For example, the 105 mm T5E1 – available to the T29 and T32 – will have its credit and experience costs reduced. This is the case for many tank upgrades throughout all tiers, with the goal being a more enjoyable journey to the next vehicle tier.

Tank Destroyers

Tank destroyers have progressed a bit slower than most vehicles in the game to this point due to a higher credit and experience costs for their guns than other same-tier vehicles. In version 7.2 we will be removing this disparity, resulting in similar costs to their counterparts.

Income Adjustments

Part of the economy rebalancing also includes adjustments to the income potential for most vehicles in the game. We’ll break this down for each specific adjustment below.

Early Tiers

In the early game – tiers one through four – all vehicles, regardless of type, will see an increase in credit income. This includes most premium vehicles in that tier range.

Light Tanks

Along with the implementation of  the economic improvement, income of all light tanks will be increased. For tier one it will be an increase from 82% to 95%. Tier 2-5 Scouts will receive an increase within the frame from 14% to 58%. While AMX 13 75 and AMX 13 90 will see a 10% increase.

Medium Tank

The changes to medium tanks will see a reduction in credit income for tiers six (reduced on 8 %), seven and eight (from 10% to 5% ). Meanwhile Tier 2-4 will receive an increase from 10% to 40% depending on the vehicle. Tier 5 vehicles will in some cases see a bonus of up to 7%, while others are nerfed, but not by more than 12%. A purely good change awaits owners of top tier vehicles – Tier 9 will receive an increase from 5% to 11%. This will allow to maintain such beasts as ‘M46 Patton’, ‘T-54’ or ‘E-50’ much easier.

Heavy Tanks

We’re rebalancing the income of heavies quite abit. On Tier 5 it will be increased from 6% to 18%, while Tier 6 will lose some credits – their credit earnings will be reduced 5%-8%.  For tiers seven and eight we will both reduce up to 5% or increase up to 5% the income potential of heavy tanks depending on the particular vehicle.  Pleasant news for Top Tier drivers – their vehicles will receive a boost in the range from 5% to 10%

Self-propelled Guns

Many self-propelled guns will see a boost in credit income, including tier eight. On Tiers 2-3 it will be an increase in the diapason from 40% to 60%, on Tier 4-5 it will a 4%-14% bonus, while Tier 8 will receive a boost in the range from 7% to 13%. The only cases where credit income will remain the same are tiers six and seven.

Tank Destroyers

Due to the rebalancing of tank destroyer progression, we will be reducing the income of all tank destroyers by somewhere between 3% - 8%, depending on the vehicle. This of course excludes tiers two through four, which will see credit income increases.

Explaining tables

Here you can find the tables explaining these income adjustements for each tank nation. The tanks not mentioned will not see an income change. Info in brackets marked with a star ( * ) refers to repair cost change. 

All values in green represent income increase and reduction in repair costs.

All values in red represent income reductions and increase in repair costs.

American tanks 


Light Tanks

Medium Tanks

Heavy Tanks

Tank Destroyers

Self-Propelled Guns

Tier 1

T1 Cunningham +95%





Tier 2

M2 Light Tank +26%

T2 Medium Tank +40%


T18 +56%

Т57 +40%

T2 LT +10%





 Tier 3

M3 Stuart +7%

M2 Medium Tank +16%


T-82 +26%

М37 +35%

M 22 Locust +10%





Tier 4

М5 Stuart +20%

M3 Lee +12%


T40 +10%

M7 Priest +8%

Tier 5

М24 Chaffee -3%

M4 Sherman -8%

T14 +15%

M10 Wolverine-5%



RAM-II +5%




Tier 6


M4A3E2 -8% *(+50%)

M6 -5%

M36 Slugger -6%



M4A3E8 -8% *(+50%)




Tier 7


Т20 -10%

Т29 -5% *(+10%)

Т25 АТ -3%


Tier 8


M26 Pershing -7% *(+3%)

Т32 -3%


Т92 +8%

Tier 9


M46 Patton +5%


Т95 -5% *(+15%)


Tier 10






Soviet tanks


Light Tanks

Medium Tanks

Heavy Tanks

Tank Destroyers

Self-Propelled Guns

Tier 1

MS-1 +82%





Tier 2

Т-26 +46%



АТ-1 +52%

SU-18 +60%

Tetrarch +10%





BT-2 +44%










Tier 3

BT-7 +52%



SU-76 +30%

SU-26 +42%

Т-46 +46%





Т-127 +15%





M3 Stuart LL +10%





Tier 4

A-20 +37%

T-28 +10%


SU-85Б +3%

SU-5 +13%

T-50 +36%





Tier 5

T-50-2 +14%

Matilda +5%

Churchill +6%

SU-85 -5%



T-34 +5%

KV-220 +6%



Tier 6


T-34-85 -8% *(+10%)

KV-1C -5% *(-5%)

SU-100 -6%




KV-3 -5%



Tier 7


KV-13 -7% *(+15%)

IS +12% *(+5%)

SU-152 -3%

Object 212 *(+10%)


T-43 *(-10%)




Tier 8


T-44  -5%

IS-3 +5%


Object 261 +10%

Tier 9


Т-54 +10%

IS-4 *(+8%)

Object 704 -7% *(+15%)


Tier 10



IS-7 +5% *(-5%)



French tanks


Light Tanks

Medium Tanks

Heavy Tanks

Tier 1

RenaultFT +92%



Tier 2

Hotchkiss H35 +44%



D1 +55%



Tier 3

AMX38 +51%

D2 +35%


Tier 4

AMX40 +21%


B1 +20%

Tier 5



BDR G1B +20%

Tier 6

AMX: 13 75 -13% *(+10%)


ARL44 -12%

Tier 7

AMX 13 90 +10%


AMX M4 1945 *(+13%)

Tier 8




Tier 9


Bat Chat. 25t *(-15%)


Tier 10



AMX 50B +5% *(-10%)

German tanks


Light Tanks

Medium Tanks

Heavy Tanks

Tank Destroyers

Sel-Propelled Guns

Tier 1

Leichtetracktor  +90%





Tier 2

Pz II +58%



Panzerjager I +36%

Sturmpanzer I Bison +57%

Pz 38H735 (f) +10%





Pz 35(t) +42%





Tier 3

Pz38(t) +30%



Marder II +5%

Wespe +34%

Pz II Luchs +44%




Sturmpanzer II +40%

T-15 +6%





Pz III Ausf. A +43%





Tier 4

Pz 38 nA +25%

Pz III +35%


Hetzer +4%

Grille +14%

VK 1602 +40%





Tier 5

VK2801 +14%

Pz III/IV +3%


Stug III -5%

Hummel +5%


Pz IV -2%




Tier 6


VK3001(H) -8% *(-8,8%)


Jagdpanzer IV -6%

GW-Panther +3%


VK3601(H) -8% *(-9,75%)





VK3001(P) -8%




Tier 7


VK 3002 (DB) +10% *(+10%)

Pz VI Tiger +5% *(+10%)

Jagdpanther -3%



Pz V Panther *(+5%)

Pz VI Tiger (P) -3% *(+10%)



Tier 8


Panther II -5% *(-5%)

VK4502(P)Ausf. A +5%


GW Typ E +7% *(-15%)



Pz VIB Tiger II +5% *(-5%)



Tier 9


Е-50 +5%

VK4502(P)Ausf. B *(+8%)

Jagdtiger -5% *(+15%)




E-75 *(+8%)



Tier 10



Maus +5% *(-10%)





E-100 +5% *(-5%)




Stay tuned for additional details on World of Tanks version 7.2!