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World of Tanks: Third Year in Numbers

Another year has passed and World of Tanks still continues to grow, develop and bring you top-notch experiences in heavily armoured, battlefield clashes! As you know, Version 9.0 is just around the corner and we hope that you are looking forward to it as much as we are.

It is said that one should look towards the future but never forget the past and we at Wargaming are all strong supporters of this notion. This is why we would like to celebrate the 3rd  anniversary of World of Tanks by taking a look back at the year that just went by. The game would not be as successful without your help and support, so we have decided to take a look at how successful you, as a community, were on the battlefields and share with you some interesting statistics that we managed to find!

Would you like to know how many vehicles in total you have demolished in the past year? Or maybe see how many battles were fought altogether? Don’t hesitate to take a look at the data below - some of these numbers are truly astonishing and give an impressive testimony to your dedication and engagement with World of Tanks.



Happy Anniversary!