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3rd February Special

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Here it comes the 3rd February special. You already know the deal: more for less. So be ready! The offer starts on Friday, February 17th at 6:30 CET (5:30am GMT) and ends on Monday, February 20th at 6:00 CET (5:00am GMT).

Have a look at our fabulous bonuses!

50% off barracks enlargement:

150 gold instead of 300 to get new barrack slots for dismounted crew members

50% off 100% crew training:

Pay only 100 gold instead of 200 to get a fully trained “tank academy” crew!

50% off crew retraining:

Pay only 100 gold instead of 200 to move your crew member to another vehicle

50% off vehicles: 
  • KV-13 (get it for 687,750 credits instead of 1,375,500)
  • SU-76 (get it for 32,500 credits instead of 65,000)
  • T29 (get it for 725,150 credits instead of 1,450,300)
  • T82 (get it for 28,450 credits instead of 56,900)
  • AMX 13 90 (get it for 672,500 credits instead of 1,345,000)
  • D2 (get it for 28,400 credits instead of 56,800)
  • PzKpfw V Panther (get it for 705,900 credits instead of 1,411,800)
  • Marder (get it for 26,050 credits instead of 52,100)

Increase your arsenal today!

Have fun!