Update 1.0 – Music: Hit the Right Note

Why not listen to the score yourself whilst reading the article? It’s perfect to set the mood.


A large-scale project for the World of Tanks team, the new soundtrack was recorded by the Prague Symphony Orchestra and aims to create military “tank” music that is as authentic as possible for each map. Drawing inspiration from the music all across the globe, the music aims to match its locale.

Each track was recorded with authentic ethnic instruments. This means you can hear influences from American country to Indian music, African to Nordic and almost everywhere in-between. And all of the pieces come together to create an amazing score.

Our composers, Andrius Klimka and Andrey Kulik studied the folklore of each place, the instruments used in their music and with the help of local musicians, created authentic musical scores.

The Prague Symphony Orchestra FILMHarmonic under the direction of Adam Klemens and about 50 musicians from around the world recorded the entire soundtrack waiting for you. Klemens has recorded the score for various video games as well as films and TV shows, including Seasons 4-5 of Game of Thrones, Fargo, District No. 9 and many others.

Each track has its own theme, for example:

  • Ensk: The rhythm matches that of a train’s wheels being used to carry soldiers to the frontline.
  • Erlenberg: The key theme is SOS and throughout the piece the string section of the symphony orchestra depict this through Morse code.
  • Karelia: The basis of this piece was the ringing of church bells and ancient Slavic and Russian epics. These poetic epics are brought to life with the use of classical instruments and vocals.
  • Ruinberg: Draws inspiration form Toccata and Fugue in D minor by the renowned German composer Johann Sebastian Bach.
  • Steppes: Encapsulates the event of transporting the Schwerer Gustav along the train line.
  • Paris: The score conveys the atmosphere of the war-torn city.
  • Abbey: You can hear the invaders entering the peaceful abbey and leaving it.
  • Himmelsdorf & Malinovka: We added a fresh new sound to the already amazing cult music of these two maps.

You can listen to all of these and explore the themes of the rest of the soundtrack right now:


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