Friendly Friday Returns!

After a successful edition, our newest event, Friendly Friday, goes into round two! And this time, it brings a new mission to you, commanders!

So don't wait any longer and jump into battle to promote teamplay in the next 24 hours. Indeed, the mission below will remain active from 12 October at 07:00 to 13 October at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2).

Make the most of it now and as always, enjoy the extra 10% XP provided for playing in a platoon!

Friendly Friday #2 Mission 

  • Rewards
  • Objectives
  • Restrictions 
  • +25% XP for the battle
  • Play a battle
  • Place in the top 10 of your team by base XP earned
  • Only in Random Battles
  • Only in Tier IV to Tier X vehicles
  • Be in a platoon
In total, you'll enjoy a 35% XP bonus – 10% for playing in a platoon AND 25% for the mission above! That makes the next 24 hours the perfect occasion to beef up your favourite vehicle of the moment. 


Roll out!