100 Premium Tanks Giveaway


They say age is just a number—you're not getting older, just better at the game! Well, we want to see if there's something to this and are looking for some true World of Tanks veterans.

Many nations across the world have special holidays to celebrate their armed forces—both for members currently in service as well as for veterans. We'd like to do something similar for commanders who have been with us for three years or more by giving away 100 Premium vehicles! But don’t worry, even rookies have a chance to win these great prizes!

Gleam Giveaway

Available from July 22 at 09:00 CEST through July 29 at 23:59 CEST (UTC+2).

World of Tanks Armed Forces Day Giveaway

What’s at stake?

Take part in our giveaway for the chance to win big! Here's what's up for grabs:

80 VI Cromwell B tanks, plus a Garage slot

20 VIII Caernarvon Action X tanks with the Fear Naught 3D style, plus a Garage slot

How Do I Participate?

Veteran Players

If your World of Tanks account was created at least three years ago (22.07.18), head into the game and take a screenshot of your Service Record with the creation date clearly visible.

Enter the screenshot into the Gleam giveaway and secure your spot in the raffle.

All Players

No matter when you joined World of Tanks, you can secure an entry into the giveaway if you are eligible for the recruitment program (600+ Random Battles played). All you have to do is bring back a World of Tanks veteran who hasn’t ravaged the battlefields in at least 60 days, then enter both your nickname and the nickname of your veteran recruit into the Gleam giveaway.

Referral Program

You can recruit any player who hasn't played in the last 60 days to reignite their spark for exciting tank action.

Copy the link below and send it to your friend

Or share the link in social networks:

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The minimum number of battles that a commander needs before being able to send referral links: .

Log in to your account to get your referral link.

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Share your personal referral link with a veteran player, and once they accept the recruitment, you can roll out as a Platoon and complete recruitment missions for fantastic rewards, including free Premium tanks!

Of course, your recruit can enter the giveaway directly if their account is at least three years old!

Find out everything you need to know about the program via the Referral Guide.


Roll Out!