Update 1.9.1 Preview

Greetings, Commanders!

Spring is in full swing, and we’re actively working on new World of Tanks features! First, they’ll head to Supertest* for testing. Later, these latest additions will be available to all Commanders in the Common Tests for the upcoming Update 1.9.1.

One of the main highlights of this update is a new, picturesque map for Random Battles—Berlin. In addition, we're working on new customization mechanics, which we aim to release with it. You’ll definitely get to try these features out during the Common Tests. We also plan to introduce some other cool additions in this update, so you’d better keep your eyes peeled for more details coming soon.

Now let’s take a closer look at the new map and the latest customization updates.

Welcome to Berlin, Commanders!

With the release of Update 1.9.1, a breathtaking new locale, Berlin, will be introduced to Random Battles. This 1050x1050 meter map of the German capital during the final moments of the Second World War in Europe was recreated with high historical accuracy. You can easily spot its most famous landmarks and even take a virtual drive through the city.

The Berlin map will be available for Standard and Encounter Battles. It is roughly divided into four main areas. Each vehicle type will be able to find its place in the battle and unleash its combat potential. There is enough space for active maneuvers, long-distance sniping, and other tactics.

More detailed information about the new Berlin map will be available in a dedicated article. You will also have the opportunity to explore this atmospheric map during the Common Tests of Update 1.9.1.

Discover New Customization Mechanics!

In Update 1.9.1, vehicle customization will see three new changes that allow you to make your tanks look even more unique.

Firstly, there will be projection decals (including rectangular ones that can be applied to the entire side of the tank) for all tiers and all nations.

We’re also introducing progressive customization decals for almost all styles. This customization element will give you the chance to challenge yourself and let others know of your high battle effectiveness. They will change their appearance as you progress through certain objectives (e.g. accomplish specific combat achievements) in Random Battles using specific tanks.

All progressive decals have their own progression system and they will be tied to the vehicles they were applied to. After Update 1.9.1 is released, there will be progressive decals with 3 and 5 different levels available. When your decal level increases, the decal will automatically change. At the same time, the decals of all previous levels will remain available and you can apply them manually via the decal menu.

You can get the first progressive decal free by achieving certain conditions in Random Battles. Additional decals will be available for gold in the game client.

Last but not least, new tweakable styles will be available for gold in the game client with the release of Update 1.9.1. These are custom looks that you can modify, remove, or add individual elements to.

  • Tweakable styles will come as a modifiable set of individual elements (inscriptions, camos, etc.) that will be released with Update 1.9.1.
  • For all tweakable styles, you can apply progressive decals or remove national emblems.

Certain styles (rental or special partner styles) will remain unmodifiable.

Ranked Battles 2020–2021: What’s New?

The most competitive mode in World of Tanks returns in 2020-2021 with three exciting Seasons and new gameplay mechanics. Some of them we can already send for testing. These new mechanics will first head to the Supertest of Update 1.9.1 for the initial testing iteration and they will be available to all Commanders in Common Tests at a later date. They will also be part of the mechanics for the upcoming Seasons of Ranked Battles 2020-2021.

So, what’s new? To get you more engaged in playing in Ranked Battles, we’ll introduce:

  1. Special daily missions for different vehicle roles. These missions will be available to those who qualified for a League.
  2. The mechanics of earning Bonus Battles daily.
  3. Support for displaying vehicle roles in your Garage and in the tank carousel filter.

Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming Common Tests highlighting some fresh Ranked Battles mechanics featuring changes you’ll experience in future Ranked Battles Seasons!

*What is Supertest?


Supertest is the process of testing a project during the early stages of implementation, if necessary. The test involves checking the concept of a new feature or version and searching for the most critical issues. In World of Tanks, Supertests are divided into production tests of individual features during feature development (testing a new map, balancing a new vehicle, etc.) and version tests of full releases.

The purpose of Supertests is to test game content in a live environment with a limited number of players (supertesters) before the final release. If the Supertests prove that the content is ready, Common Tests are then conducted.


There’s a lot of interesting content ahead, so stay tuned and good luck on the battlefield!

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