World of Tanks Premium Account: Friendlier, Handier, Easier!

Before we get down to the heart of the matter, let's start off with the fact that World of Tanks Premium Account will cost the same as the regular Premium Account that is available today. For example:

Regular Premium Account = 250 gold per day

WoT Premium Account = 250 gold per day

And now, let's get into the details.

Enhance your Premium Account!  

Currently, the regular Premium Account works across the entire Wargaming trilogy (World of Tanks, World of Warships and World of Warplanes). We are not going to change this, so the regular PA and its bonuses across the whole trilogy will remain exactly the same as they are today.

However, in order to make Premium Account more valuable and convenient for players, we've spent the last few months rethinking our vision for Premium Account as a whole. As such, we would like to provide you with some additional opportunities and bonuses the current version of PA lacks. We intend to do this by introducing a separate WoT Premium Account with truly unique options, exclusively for World of Tanks players.  

And now, to end the suspense, let's take a look at all the bonuses and new opportunities that you’ll get with a WoT Premium Account.

  • Applicable modifier to XP. We would like you to have an extra XP bonus besides what you earn in battles. Thanks to the WoT PA, you'll be able to apply a x3 modifier and increase the experience earned in your latest victorious battle. You can use this modifier several times a day, whenever you want, when playing on vehicles of any tier, and research new vehicles and their modules much faster. Also, if you have a x2 modifier (for example, for the first victory), then you can additionally apply the x3 bonus and earn immediately x5 XP in a battle!  
  • Reserve Stock. We made sure that you had enough Credits for a comfortable and enjoyable game, for refilling your ammo and consumables with no worries. With the WoT PA, an additional 10% bonus to Credits on top of you earn in battles will fall into a special vault. It's an extra bonus which is a plus for your battle income. For example, if you earned 10,000 credits in a battle, your vault will receive 1,000 thanks to the 10% bonus. Within a week, you can accumulate a maximum of 750,000 Credits in the vault. Every 7 days, regardless of whether your WoT PA has expired that week, the vault will open, and all Credits accumulated in it will be automatically moved to your account.
  • Daily battle missions. Stock up on ammo and rework your loadouts, Commanders! Owners of a WoT Premium Account will have the opportunity to fulfill special consecutive daily missions. Completing these missions will bring you Credits, Bonds and more. You’ll enjoy exciting and challenging tasks to diversify your gaming experience and win tons of rewards along the way!   
  • Platoon bonus. Even more Credits and XP! Play with your friends in a Platoon, it's not only fun, but also very profitable. With the release of WoT Premium Account, we'll completely overhaul the XP bonus while playing in Platoons. As such, the XP bonus won’t depend on a vehicle tier, the outcome of a battle and whether you have a WoT Premium Account or not. Now playing as a Platoon, you will always get +15% XP. Also, speaking of what the new WoT Premium Account gives you, we should mention a Credit bonus. If at least one player in a Platoon has a WoT PA, that player will earn + 15% Credits for every battle, and the one who doesn’t have it, will receive + 10% Credits.   

  • Map blacklist. Just like we outlined before, we'll roll out a map blacklist feature soon.  Now you'll be able to block one map of your choice and avoid it in the matchmaking queue. However, all owners of WoT PA will have one more slot for blacklisting, so you can block 2 maps in total. Play on maps you really enjoy!   

You'll be able to access and manage your WoT PA and all its options in one place: the updated Control Center. Check it out!

But wait, there's more to it!

As we mentioned above, WoT PA and regular Premium Accounts are different game elements, but we know that many of you are playing different games of our trilogy at the same time. In order not to confront you with a choice right now, we decided to launch a special grace period after the release of the WoT Premium Account for a limited amount of time.

During this period, we’ll automatically credit you with a WoT Premium Account, regardless of where you purchased or received your regular Premium Account. Let's clarify this with an example.

You have purchased or received 1 day of Regular Premium Account. Logging into World of Tanks, you will find in your profile 1 day of WoT Premium Account. In the other games of the trilogy, you will receive 1 day of regular Premium Account.

Please consider that period offer won’t last forever, but we will let you know in advance when it's over.   

Below is not exactly the typical F.A.Q. section you’d expect. Instead, we’ve focused on some critical points and detailed clarifications on different WoT PA aspects. You will find a lot of helpful information in this block, so please don't skip it and read really carefully.


1. What will happen to my current Premium Account after the release of new PA?

Regular Premium Account will remain as it is. However, we will add the same number of days to your World of Tanks account, in the form of WoT PA. So in a nutshell, both version of Premium will exist on your account, like this:

In World of Tanks: World of Tanks Premium Account will be active

In World of Warships or World of Warplanes: Regular Premium Account will be active

2. What will happen if I purchase regular Premium Account before the release of WoT Premium Account?

You will receive the same number of days of regular Premium Account, in the form of World of Tanks Premium account, on release day.

For example: On release day, a player has 100 days of regular Premium Account, they will also receive 100 days of WoT Premium Account in addition. In this example, the player will have both 100 days of regular Premium Account and 100 days of WoT Premium Account.

3. How much will WoT Premium Account cost?

Just like we outlined above, WoT Premium Account will cost the same as regular Premium Account.

4. What will happen to the regular Premium Account that is valid for the entire Wargaming trilogy?

Regular Premium Account, which works throughout the trilogy, will still be available. However, once WoT Premium Account launches, regular Premium Account will not be available for Gold within the game. Instead, regular Premium Account will be purchasable in the launcher and in the main menu for real money. In such a case, the regular Premium Account will be used in all three games in the trilogy.

5. Personal Missions offer Premium Account as a reward. Does this mean I will receive WoT Premium Account instead of regular Premium Account?

Yes. Starting from the release of WoT Premium Account, regular Premium Account will be replaced through all aspects of the game, including: Battle Missions, Personal Missions, Premium Shop, etc.

6. What will happen to my Piggy Bank if my WoT Premium Account has expired before its opening?

In this scenario, all Credits that you have earnt will automatically be added to your account after the weekly reset. In other words, you will still receive the Credits you earnt from the Piggy Bank, despite the WoT Premium Account expiry.

7. Can WoT and Regular Premium Account work simultaneously?

Yes, they can. However, you will only receive bonuses from one. If you have both, you will receive the benefits from WoT Premium Account.

8. Is the Platoon bonus applicable for dynamic Platoons?

No. Platoon bonuses will only work for manually-created Platoons.

Join the Common Test to Try Out the New WoT Premium Account!  

Throughout the first Common Test of the upcoming Update 1.5, you can see how much more convenient and valuable the updated Premium Account is. Join the Common Test and share your feedback, it's crucial for the further development of this feature!  

NOTE: The updated Premium Account is available during the 1.5 Common Test only for your consideration and for preliminary testing. The final version of WoT PA, which we intend to release soon, might see some changes to some particular bonus values. However, in general, we don't plan to rework the options detailed above for Premium Account.

Everything we have shared today is just part of the first iteration of our massive rework of Premium Account. Stay tuned for more detailed news on how we plan to improve and make it even more convenient for every Commander!        

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